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  1. GamerGeek

    A10.51 Question

    Hi all, A question on continuing to rout once reaching a woods/building has come up in a recent game. The last sentence in the first para of A10.51 reads "Upon reaching a building/ woods Location not ADJACENT to a Known enemy unit, a routing unit must stop and end its RtPh in that...
  2. GamerGeek

    Overlays for RBv3 Map

    Hey all, I have VASL 6.5 setup, and the VASL overlays v2 extension loading, but when I try to place overlay RB4 on the RBv3 map I get the following message. 'data' not found in /Users/.....path....../overlays/ovrRB I am assuming I need the ovrRB overlay file and don't seem to be smart enough...
  3. GamerGeek

    E 7.3 Sighting TC Mods for PTO terrain?

    Hey all, ASL RB 2.0 chapter E does not have any DRM's listed for aerial attack TC for PTO terrain, one would assume there would be TC Mods similar to Woods/Grain/etc. I didn't see anything in my V1.0 Chapter G either. Any idea pointing me in the right direction to find if there are PTO DRM's...
  4. GamerGeek

    Festung Budapest SSR section

    Hey gang, Anyone know where I would find these, are they on a scenario card, or in the rules themselves? BB
  5. GamerGeek

    AP77 Mapboard setup

    Hey guys, Anyone with a VASL setup log for this? I can't quite figure how to set it up with the Fortenberry boards interacting with the 'normal' boards. BB