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  1. ScorelessCoasts

    About My Wii and Mii

    I've was asked by a few people to talk about my Wii, so I'll post it here. Intro: Try to get one on Launch day, didn't work out so good for me :P Main Story: The day was November 24th, Black Friday, Nintendo's Second Shipment for the Wii. Twas 4AM and I wake up, and getting ready to camp out...
  2. ScorelessCoasts

    Wii Advice

    Well the moment of truth is getting closer as I'm going get my Wii :D Well I need help deciding what to get at launch. So Far its.. -Wii -Zelda I need a second game (and maybe third, put third just in case). And i'm THINKING about another Wii controller and nunchuck but the...
  3. ScorelessCoasts

    Wired Xbox 360 Controller Help!!

    Ok so my friend has windows 2000 and got a wired 360 controller for games, would it work, would he need a patch, etc? I need this ASAP :P
  4. ScorelessCoasts

    Official Halo 3 Thread

    This thread is to gather every piece of info and news for Halo 3. October 27, 2006 - Hint from Bungie - More - New scans from Famitsu;
  5. ScorelessCoasts

    Graphic Comp - Halloween Special

    Decided to Revamp this and see if people would enter. Heres the simple rules.. -Theme is Halloween -Unlimited Entries -Try not to make it sigs -Anything Else I should add? Due date is on Halloween! Ill make it fancy later :p Also I may put out a price :) Btw I may enter so...
  6. ScorelessCoasts

    Son Goku

    OMG color sucks so idc Can we just focus on the 'main idea' Things I know.. -Color Sucks -Sprite may not be the best The only reason i did this is because honestly DBZ has to be one of the best anime's ever. Only people that watch it dub bring it down. Japanese ftw :)
  7. ScorelessCoasts

    PS Help

    Everytime I open PhotoShop, it says "This gradient file is bad or corrupted." So I click ok and when I try to open one of my psd's it says, "Could not complete your request because of the file is not compatible with this version of PhotoShop." Like wtf I made it yesterday and I have CS2. I tried...
  8. ScorelessCoasts

    Xbox 360 Accessories Coming Soon!

    Microsoft has announced a few exciting new accessories. The upcoming accessories include: The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel, Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, Xbox Live Vision Camera, Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, 256 MB Memory Unit, and Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows. Descriptions and images can be...
  9. ScorelessCoasts

    XBL Gamertag

    What is your xbox live gamertag for either your xbox or xbox 360 Mine are... ScorelessCoast(never on it anymore) or ScorelessCoasts(i'll restore it after i get my xbox 360) -Discuss PS: If you don't have one then make one up so you could pick it for your FUTURE xbox 360.
  10. ScorelessCoasts

    This Site The Bomb

    First of all look how many people have been online(105). We should really get new members. For all u guest u should really sign up this rocks. Well in a couple of minutes i will make my first thread about gaming as i mentioned HERE. I'm just showing my gratitude to Sengo (getting emotional...jus...