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  1. CPangracs

    As if more proof was needed that gaming is dead

    Well, let me give my view on this. I've been a "gamer" all my life. I first got interested in "computer" games back in about 91 with Microprose's M1 Tank Platoon. The next decade of computer gaming was preparing me for my current job I started in 2003 as a gaming and simulation specialist for...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

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    Who is your favorite American football player of all time

    Jerry Rice, hands down. Best work ethic, most athletic.
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    How Do You Have All Units From All Games In One Data File?

    Your best bet is to edit the units in that database and adding the VC platoon. The problem is that you will have to add any weapons data not already in the database. There are other considerations I'll let Pat address when he finally responds.
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Re: The Obligatory What Are You Listening To thread Well, I just got an 80GB iPod, and I have 50 GB of music from every genre imaginable! I'm listening to a bunch of Incubus, Dreamtheater, and Alkaline Trio, among others.
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    What would you like to see made into a movie?

    Obviously, you didn't stay through the credits for Iron Man! There will be an Avengers movie, it's already in the works!!
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    How far do you sub type a terrain type?

    The thing is that placing impassable terrain will not allow your units to move through it either! It is still a no go terrain area for ALL motorized units on the map, whether AI or your units.
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    How far do you sub type a terrain type?

    I think you may be taking this to a much finer degree than is necessary. There are going to be areas that are no-go for vehicles, and this SHOULD be obvious when you look at your topo map. If not, then you can/should add a notation to the topo map that says "Steep Grade - No Vehicles". There is...
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    Terrain types overlapping??

    Not positive about the obstacles, but yes...any terrain you draw that occupies less than 100m x 100m has a great chance of being ignored by the engine.
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    Terrain types overlapping??

    You are going to have a problem with that...if the terrain feature you are drawing OR the gap between isn't at LEAST 100m wide, the engine will like tend to skip over it. If you have a track that is only two pixels wide on the map, you will never be able to plot a path through it without hitting...
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    Terrain types overlapping??

    Personally, I've found it's not critical at all. If the area is less than 100m x 100m, it should have no effect. I've never had a unit get stuck or freak out because of these kind of slight overlaps.
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    Movement and Visibility?

    Thanks - like I said, the fix is in! :D
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    Movement and Visibility?

    There are two maps that use the terrains in question - first is "Hannukah", which has some flooded irrigation areas to the far south. The second is Tel Maschara with the "Tank Ramps". Both of these terrains, on my system, are fine with the following attributes: Flooded Irrigation Area...
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    Guitar Hero for Wii

    Just ordered it from Red Octane...they have a bundle the exact same price as the GHIII selling on other sites, but you also get a GHIII keychain, a "gig bag" for your guitar, and something else. I can't wait to play this puppy!!
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    Ground Depressions?

    In two words, you can't. You don't need to. If you place the FOV cursor in the middle of the depressed area, it SHOULD show that you can't see out. Anything placed there that has a specific height should act as usual, and give you visual out or be visible according to it's height. If, for some...
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    Representing buildings?

    If they are small and spread-out, you can use a generic "light urban" terrain which may limit movement and sighting, but not provide any kind of indirect/direct fire protection. The larger buildings in scenario-important areas can be coded to provide what the general terrains do not. Realize...
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    Pan's Labyrinth

    I saw a great deal of Christian significance, or more specifically, monotheistic significance. I watched it with my 11yo son, and we had a good discussion about it afterwards. We came to the conclusion that the entire thing was an escape in the girls mind that was constructed through her...
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    Mogadishu 02

    As far as I know, there were no RPGs fired at the Littlebirds. Makes sense, considering their small size and that they essentially made "passes", much like a fast-mover...
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    Mogadishu 01

    The next missions should be fun for you as well - there IS a tough one in there...
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    Raging Tiger AAR: Turn of Events

    Keep in mind that those are YOUR phaselines, NOT the enemy's! :D