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  1. Cpl Uhl

    Roadblocks - is this legal?

    The B29 rules would seem to allow the setup used in the first two images (the 2nd is the same just using vasl overlays for clarity) for those situations where you can't find the "classic" one hexside roadblock depicted in the 3rd image. True or False? (of course you have to have two...
  2. Cpl Uhl

    CC Sequential AFV Japanease ATTACKER HtH?

    The Japanese conduct an Armored Assault Banzai and end up in a hex with: 1 Japanese AFV, 1 Japanese Squad and 1 US HS. CC Phase: Because of the AFV, the CC is Sequential with the US going first, despite the Japanese being the ATTACKER. Question: does the US attack on the HtH table? I would...
  3. Cpl Uhl

    KIA and K/2 unconcealed and concealed

    An unconcealed squad stacked with a concealed squad are subjected to a powerful low-dice roll attack. The full FP attack on the un? squad = 1KIA. The half FP attack on the ? squad = K/2. KIA rules says the un? Squad is eliminated and all other units stacked with are broken. What happens to the...
  4. Cpl Uhl

    Operation Merkur (Kreta) OM 7 The big one!!

    OM7 - Too Little Too Light is the last and biggest of the scenarios that use the historical map from Heat of Battle's Operation Merkur/Kreta battle study. My regular playing partner and I have played 3 of the 7 scenarios so far (the glider/air drop ones of course). We've avoided the "campaign...