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    Unit naming

    Hi, Is there somewhere I can look at to understand better how military units are named? How are Brigade named, then Bn, Rgt and so on. This may be evident for military people, not so much for me though. This issue arose when I was working on the OPFOR Mot Bd but have been bugging me for...
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    Generic OPFOR Rifle Bn

    I've uploaded a couple of files in the download section. This is a set of OOB files to quickly generate dismounted/light infantry units according to FM 100-63. Use the OOB files in the Expanded subfolder, or tweak the base folder OOB files and generate TacOps valid OOBs using the provided python...
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    101st BCT organization

    Hi, I want to come up with a believable OOB for part of an air assault BCT. The TOE posted on is out of date. Do you know of a place where I can get a better idea of the composition of, say, the 2BCT (although I'm not picky). I can come up with something by...
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    Battle group Pipes

    Here is an AAR. Enjoy! 20CMBG is required to defend a desert town against three OPFOR tank Bn. The terrain is wide open across a valley approximatively 4km wide, the visibility is down to 2km due to the weather. 20CMBG is made of three tanks squadrons, one Mech Coy, one Anti-armor section...
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    PlayerDB and H3 scenario

    Hi, I have the PlayerDB installed, all aircrafts are scrambled if I try to play the scenario that came with H3. Is it normal? Should I re-install the original DB before I load a H3 original scenario or is there a way around this? thanks,
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    H3 has Y2K issues?

    Hi, I started a scenario at the default time in 1994, now I want to change this to 2005. I can't get it to reset to anytime passed 31 Dec 1999 23:59:59. Is there are reason why?
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    Country linked platforms

    What is the purpose of Linking platforms to countries (I just installed the PlayerDB). Is there a way to limit the choice of platforms in the scenario editor to a country and dates? Or is this information in the DB just as a guideline. BTW, this PlayerDB is amazing, all that I was looking...
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    DB editor basic question

    Hi, I have reinstalled H3 after a hiatus and downloaded the editors. The Scenario editor works fine, but the file H3DBEdit_v3_6_3.exe doesn't give me the menus items DATABASE and COUNTRIES but has the Edit menu item. In other word, the DBEdit and Sceedit appear to be identical. Is there...