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  1. Hexagoner

    How could KGP have achieved more?

    Just finished my 3rd reading of Time for Trumpets, an excellent book. One question I keep coming back to is how could KGP have achieved more than they did? High water mark in the area of Stoumont Station, neat Stoumont. I'm asking what could KGP themselves, 1st SS panzer etc done differently -...
  2. Hexagoner

    CtR HASL Map Question

    The way the building in DD22 is drawn suggests that the rubble in CC22 was most likely part of the same building. If so, then I would assume that DD22 should have a bigger center dot, signifying presence of a level 1 location?
  3. Hexagoner

    Ctr HASL Map terrain question

    The CtR HASL map appears to have cliff hexsides (black) on some elevated level hexsides, such as V27-V28, V29/V30, and Y29-Z29. However, there are some hexsides around Crockett Ravine that appear very slightly lighter, suggesting hillside hedges - such as MM30-NN30, OO31-PP31, and KK30-LL31 ---...
  4. Hexagoner

    Rout out of Panjis

    A unit advances into a jungle location containing a HIP Panji counter across a covered hexside, The Panji is then revealed and they are placed above the panji counter. In the next fire phase, an adjacent HIP enemy unit reveals itself and fires at the unit above the panji counter. The unit above...
  5. Hexagoner

    Another slope rule conundrum

    Slope rules (referencing Ctr 6.3) says ""barring other obstructions to LOS, an up-slope unit - even if not in a hill crest line hex - can trace a LOS across an up-slope hexside of its hex to a lower elevation (i.e. across a hill crest line)…" The rule doesn't mention how many crest lines or...
  6. Hexagoner

    Slope rule conundrum

    Situation: I'm playing one of the Corrigedor scenarios. A HS with a MTR is on Level 1 of a building (hex KK12.1) that happens to have upslope hexsides around 3 hexsides of its hex. The base level of the building is on Level 1. An enemy unit is moving at Level 0 11 hexes away (hex Z14), with the...
  7. Hexagoner

    CtR HASL map

    Is there a LOS from PP11 in the Topside Barrax (Lvl 2 and up slope) to VV8 (Lvl 0)?
  8. Hexagoner

    G1.424 DC Hero question

    A hex contains a HIP Tank Hunter Hero and a squad with a DC. In the Japanese MPh, can the squad transfer the DC to the THH and thereby make it into a DC Hero that may then make its own charge? I can't find anything preventing this. The DC hero paragraphs discuss creating the DC hero from...
  9. Hexagoner

    CtR Terrain questions

    The CtR rules make it clear that Brush is Brush (not Bamboo). Totally clear, but for G.2 purposes (Fortification HIP in daytime scenarios) is the Brush considered to act like bamboo? Or is the only HIP fortification terrain on the map the light jungle? Also, just to be clear, the Topside...
  10. Hexagoner

    VASL PBEM RB11 oh joy

    Looking for an opponent for rb11 oh joy. Your choice of side. I can probably get out a log every day or two. Just pm if interested.
  11. Hexagoner

    Red Factories rules for RB scenarios

    Getting ready to play scenario RB13 (Sandbanks of the Volga). Rule 0.2 states: "Unless noted otherwise, all Chapter O rules and all RF SSR apply in all RF scenarios = both RB and RO CG and non-CG types" Do you think this means that all of the CG SSRs apply as well? (2 sniper counters per side...
  12. Hexagoner

    HF CG1

    I am looking for a VASL PBeM game of HF CG1. I can do about 3-4 logs a week and am a reasonably experienced player. If interested, please drop me a line at Best, Tom
  13. Hexagoner

    ASL 207 Bullets for Breakfast VASL PBEM

    Yo guys, Looking to play this new Forgotten War scenario. Not many extra rules to read here, KPA vs US. Only VASL counter not available yet is the Baz 50, but we can use Baz 45s counters to represent those. I'll take either side in this one, just let me know what you prefer. I already have a...
  14. Hexagoner

    ASL 203 FW The Grist Mill VASL PBEM

    Hi guys, I received FW not long ago, and wanted to start to get a feel for a few scenarios soon, without waiting for the VASL update with the new boards and counters. 203 "The Grist Mill" is playable using Russian counters for the bad guys, and only uses Board 18. I have a scenario file for...
  15. Hexagoner

    VASL PBEM J19 Merzenhausen Zoo

    Hi guys, I'm interested in playing J19 Merzenhausen Zoo, as either side. I can probably do 3-4 mailings most weeks, sometimes more. I'm an experienced player, but have played very little the last 4 or so years. I generally prefer IFT. Just let me know if interested. Tom
  16. Hexagoner

    Looking for VASL PBEM Festung Budapest

    Hi guys, I'm looking to play a few scenarios of VASL PBEM for Festung Budapest, before trying one of the FB CGs. I can probably do a move every other day, and perhaps daily at times. Skype won't work for me as my schedule and availability are very unpredictable. Please let me know if interested...