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    Lonesome Dove DVD

    The version that I recently bought at WalMart is complete with a run time of about six hours (eight hours on TV with commercials would equal about six hours on DVD without commercials). An Internet search suggested (with much confusion) that there might have been an early DVD release that was...
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    Do you go to the theater or buy DVDs?

    Don, please dump this poll and repeat it after adding the option "I rent them on DVD".
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    Need help recalling a movie

    Perhaps it is an episode from the Tales from the Crypt TV series titled "Yellow" ?
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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    I just started a thread topic in the "TacOps User Guided Development" area soliciting suggestions on new code in TacOps for night fighting.
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    Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns, says Ridley Scott

    Same here. I want the version that was originally shown in theaters. As was said in the linked news article, "The response at early sample screenings before the official release in June 1982 was so weak that the producers forced Scott to add voice-overs to the film and change the final scene...
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    Preferred Screen Resolution

    Mac -> Monitor 1 at 1680 x 1050, Monitor 2 at 1280 x 1024. Sometimes I add a third monitor at 1280 x 1024. PC -> Monitor 1 at 1280 x 1024 and Monitor 2 at 1280 x 1024. Sometimes I add a third monitor at 1280 x 1024.
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    AAR Team Sposito

    > why were the Apaches included? The first iteration of this scenario was Team Slocomb, a USMC scenario, which used Cobras. When I made an Army version, the Cobras were changed to Apaches.
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    The Low/High 100m Line.

    I would probably follow the 250 line on that segment of the map, or just a bit down slope from it.
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    Adjustment of map BMP file after terrain effects done

    >So simply, is it possible after doing everything needed with MapTool >to go and adjust the map BMP file? Yes. The program considers only the terrain cell coding. It does not pay any attention to the artwork background.
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    Unit naming

    Find the TacOps Library folder in your TacOps folder. Skim through the Field Manual titled "101-5-1 Op Terms Graphics.pdf", Chapters 4 and 5 and Appendices A and B. You will get a lot of superficial info and terms quickly. You can then look up more detailed definitions of the terms by...
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    Generic OPFOR Rifle Bn

    Nice. Did you get the unit type codes from one of my posted Excel data base dumps or did you find them by tediously hunting through TacOps unit information windows?
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    Team Murray Redux

    Fortunes of war. Units in TacOps do not always fire even when all preconditions would seem to be met.
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    Team Murray Redux

    Have you tried the "Game Replay" feature that is built into TacOps? If not, try clicking on the button labeled "Game Replay" in the game startup/setup window.
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    Team Murray Redux

    Highly cool. Its great to see someone enjoying themselves! :hail:
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    Artillery Smoke

    At the instant of impact the initial duration of a 152/155mm smoke salvo is set to a random value not less than five minutes (300 seconds) and not more than seven minutes (420 seconds). At the end of that period of time there is a 50% chance per fifteen second combat/movement pulse, that the...
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    Units Transiting Bridges

    Only at bridges. I have thought about extending the "pile up" routine to other areas but always decided that the threat of enemy arty finding huge stacks of unit markers was an adequate deterant.
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    Units Transiting Bridges

    There is a routine in TacOps that slows down movement across a bridge to conceptually represent vehicles usually having to move across a bridge in single file. Do an experiment at a bridge involving moving a single vehicle marker across the bridge - it should zip across. Then repeat the...
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    Map Graphic vs the Terrain Effects

    When I make maps I do try to smooth the blockiness of the 100 meter (10x10 pixel) code grid a little bit but only by 2 or 3 pixels.
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    December 27th Wake Island CPX Umpire review

    Blue password: wake island Red password: wake island
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    Single Player Scenarios

    It only costs $25 (+S&H). :)