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  1. Gordon

    Keeping track of MFs/MPs for later motion attempts

    Question for the hive mind. I'm re-reading Ole Boe's "Stop And Go Traffic" and was wondering what various mechanisms people use to keep track of previous motion attempt-eligible movement for motion attempts later in the phase? Cards? Number chits? Dice? Side notes? Or does it not come up...
  2. Gordon

    Armory pages?

    Do armory pages exist (in some form) for BFP products? I'm trying to organize my (previously) intermingled BFP product counters by module and I've got a number of counters (German for sure and I haven't gotten to all the Russian counters yet so there might be some apparent orphans in there as...
  3. Gordon

    One suggestion I'd like to see MMP implement ...

    Ditch the multi-page folded charts and tables. I'd rather have more chart pages that can be put in sleeve protectors. Just my 2 cents worth.
  4. Gordon

    Coin envelopes - Back to the future?

    I may be coming around to the idea of coin envelopes and trading card binder sheets as the way to store vehicles and ordnance.
  5. Gordon

    Why we need Submarines in ASL ...

    From the Wikipedia page of USS Barb: "Upon completion of her 11th patrol, Barb was sent to the U.S. for a yard overhaul and alterations, which included the installation of 5 in (130 mm) rocket launchers at the Captain's request. Returning to the Pacific, she commenced her 12th and final patrol...
  6. Gordon

    Deluxe board "a" defect?

    Has anyone else seen what appears to be a scuff through the printing of board a? In my case hex aJ1 looks like it got scuffed in production, shipping or handling. Just curious.
  7. Gordon

    US TD overhead armor protection?

    I know that HOB has their supplemental armor rules (sand bag, concrete and steel applique variants), but has anyone ever encountered rules or SSRs for the field expedient overhead armor modifications for US TD? According to New Vanguard's "M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers 1942 - 53": In both Italy...
  8. Gordon

    St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot counters

    I considered myself lucky to find a copy of StN for sale. It was something I had been hunting for several years. And while most of the components are top notch, I have to say that the counters do not live up to expectations. All the counters have a red outline (for help with die cutter...
  9. Gordon

    Tool recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a pair of tweezers and/or suction tool for counter manipulation. I've always used my fingers, but with age creeping up I find I'm fumbling more and more stacks, and there's usually a cascade of failures. TIA
  10. Gordon

    Overlays to get more use from seldom-used boards?

    There are a number of boards already in the system which due to their nature don't get a lot of use (e.g., the airfield boards). Would it make sense for a publisher to issue a scenario pack with a couple of sheets of overlays specifically to enhance use of some of these boards or to make an...
  11. Gordon

    Operation Herring? Allied Italian paratroopers and partisans versus Germans in March '45?

    A quick search on the scenario archive didn't turn up anything. Could be a cool scenario if a designer wanted to tackle it.
  12. Gordon

    War Oboe's Gold Beach?

    I'm just curious, has anyone ever done a VASL setup of War Oboe's Gold Beach! monster scenario? I'd be curious to see what it really looks like. I'd also probably pay money to watch a full game of it played.
  13. Gordon

    Siege of Sevastopol? Brest-Litovsk? Warsaw? Battle of the Bulge?

  14. Gordon

    "Temporarily Out of Stock" versus "Out of Print"

    Is there a timeline for a module that is "Temporarily Out of Stock" (e.g., Rising Sun) separate from the "Out of Print"/Pre-order production queue? TIA
  15. Gordon

    A11.11 CC table errata confusion

    I just getting around to applying several decades worth of errata (don't look at me like that. :whistle:) and I'm confused over conflicting errata. What should the text for the DRM for Gurkha/Japanese vs Infantry be? "by armed, unpinned Gurkha (A.25.43)/Japanese (G1.64) vs Infantry/Cavalry in...
  16. Gordon

    Motor Gun Boat Rules?

    Since Operation Chariot will probably never be reprinted is there any chance the Motor Gun Boat rules will be published in a new (available) product? If not any chance they could be released in a PDF format? I'd love to mess around with MGBs.
  17. Gordon

    Case J house rule usage? (C6.17 EX footnote 9)

    I'm curious how many (if any) play with the suggested house rule for the tank only expending 1 MP in LOS of the AT gun while cresting the hill? Or do most play the stock rule where the tank's 5 MP are expended in LOS of the AT gun?
  18. Gordon

    "Unknown Soldier" Finnish war movie

    I watched this movie over the weekend. Very good movie. Definitely not your father's-ASL Finns. Seemed like a much more realistic portrayal of men (and women) under fire to me.
  19. Gordon

    Finnish SASL? Forgotten War SASL?

    Pardon if this was asked elsewhere and my search attempts missed it, but are there any plans for providing official Finnish and Forgotten War SASL tables? TIA
  20. Gordon

    Missing overlay X2 (The tomb)

    I can't seem to find my overlay X2, the desert tomb or mausoleum. If anyone could share a good quality scan, I would like to make a replacement. TIA