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    Cool Case Mod

    Check out this case mod, right up our alley; minatures and all. More pics here.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Some screen shots released from the next iteration in the series. The main page: Out this fall.
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    Arracourt 44- Gen Electric vs. Yukonjack

    Arracourt 44-Gen Electric vs. YukonJack A town too far. Submitted by Gen Electric Turn 1 I opened as the German player. I moved most of the 113th panzer brigade up the road toward Lezey. The 2/2113 pzG regiment was moved toward Bures. The 113th attacked the 2/704 td battalion pushing him...
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    What do you guys do for AAR screenshots? I know I can print screen/open paint/ paste. Is there an easier method? Thanks, just another noob in the woods, as long as it isn't the Ardennes.