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  1. Tuomo

    Tussle 2020 Wrap-Up

    Whoa. Our Beloved Snave went 1-2? They're some Tough Customers out in the Tundra.
  2. Tuomo

    Mapboard 77.

    We need these things. Dutch Trucks. The Great MG Acquisition Caper. Board 77. Ephemeral things, reminding us of the thin veil between the Here and the There. If Perry hadn't taken Ephemeral Literature 311 as a 2-credit elective during his senior year, this'd never happened.
  3. Tuomo

    Top contributors to the world of ASL

    We really should send Rodney some money. Tell you what. Send it to me and I'll hold it for us while we look for him.
  4. Tuomo

    VP value of non-Prisoner Unarmed Units

    I don't know the answer but I stand in awe of the question.
  5. Tuomo

    Do Conscripts cower with leader direction?

    You've heard of Totenkopf? This is TotesAdorbsenkopf!
  6. Tuomo

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    They're not quite that dumb. It's gotta be something about the immediacy of the FTF dice-rolling experience vs the online experience, which feels more like "Bob here will roll the dice in another room, then walk it over here and show you." Even if you know in your head that Bob's...
  7. Tuomo

    VASL "best rolls streak" page

    There are statistics tests for that kind of thing. I'm surprised one of our statistically-minded friends hasn't worked that up.
  8. Tuomo

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Sent off the hopefully-final version of <the HASL map> to <the publisher> for them to do final playtesting!
  9. Tuomo

    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    It is the feeling of letting down the global Tuomo-geist. I totally understand. I'm glad you took some time off til you could keep up your end of The Collective.
  10. Tuomo

    Top contributors to the world of ASL

    Paul Ferraro, who ran the old ASL Mailing List back in the day. Kurt Martin with the Rout Report. We need a Top Rogues list. Wolf. Ray T.
  11. Tuomo

    Top contributors to the world of ASL

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. You have to start with Rodney Kinney, because it's his baby. Everybody else goes in the next paragraph. Joel Uckelman actually doesn't get a lot of VASL love because "he's VASSAL", but I think he's done a ton over the years to make the two play nice...
  12. Tuomo

    Illuminating Rounds: Episode 26: The Dan Dolan/Dinant interview

    Great episode. Halfway through. Dave needs to bring the goatee back. Dan is a hoot. And Marc Hanna's mag was At The Point.
  13. Tuomo

    The Results Are In!

    Oh Dear God. Liverpool for me too. I am NOT gonna be a "Liverpudlian", whatever the EFF that is. I'm gonna go with my instinct and stick with QPR.
  14. Tuomo

    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    Lol thanks :) I'm glad you're here. You encourage and support others. We need more of that around here, and everywhere.
  15. Tuomo

    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    Um. What's OMOOT? Internet doesn't help here.
  16. Tuomo

    The Results Are In!

    Not "mum"? And what's with "bruv"? Really? I confess I find it fascinating what English football team I should root for, based on my American football preferences. Strictly speaking, and at the risk of being mocked mercilessly, I find "Queen's Park Rangers" to be a pretty badass name, but what...
  17. Tuomo

    The Results Are In!

    These are Britishers, Jazz. They're used to HIGH FALUTIN' STUFF. Lowbrow shticks that cater to an American audience will simply "not do" with this lot.
  18. Tuomo

    The Results Are In!

    After a week of collecting data on The Grand Tuomo Experiment, the numbers have been crunched and The People Have Spoken: 94% said Tuomo's commentary was "invaluable to the experience of enjoying IR Episode 25" 85% said Tuomo's British accent was "completely believable and woulda fooled 'is own...
  19. Tuomo

    Historical - geomaps