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  1. ChrisM

    NFL PLayoffs 2016

    Just wanted to say - the Packers- Cardinals game Saturday night was an absolute classic. Rodger's Hail Mary to tie it was a play for the ages - and Larry Fitzgerald is an ageless wonder. Great stuff. The rest of the weekend went pretty much according to chalk and we are in the unfamiliar...
  2. ChrisM

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Just how big is this going to be? Reviews have been generally glowing and prognosticators are speculating it might blow away Titanic and Avatar. Wow. Hope Han shoots first in this one.
  3. ChrisM

    World Series 2015

    Longest day I nervously wait for my beloved Mets to take the national stage for the first time since 2000. I have nothing but respect for the Royals - a real throwback team of professional hitters who place a premium on defense and play great fundamental baseball. Should be a great series.
  4. ChrisM

    NHL Playoffs 2015

    The greatest time of year - as the hardest grind to a championship in the four major sports begins. The East is loaded this year - though my Rangers have had a great regular season - every round presents a legitimate threat. Even this first round, which starts tonight, has me a little nervous...
  5. ChrisM

    Tommy Lee jones as MacArthur Wow! This looks awesome. Toomy Lee probably isn't tall enough to play Dugout Doug - but nontheless - I will be at this the weekend it opens. Wow.
  6. ChrisM

    2013 Baseball Hall of Fame: No one Gets in

    I'm not shedding any tears for Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens - both steroid cheats, though an argument can be amde that they earned their way in to the HoF before cheating. I do feel bad for Mike Piazza who has never been named in any reports or had anyone testify that he was a drug cheat - but...
  7. ChrisM


    This looks AWESOME!!
  8. ChrisM

    The NFL 2011

    Its starts tonight! I can't wait. My Super Bowl pick is my New York Jets vs the defending champion Green Bay Packers. What the hell - it is September, and i can hope. The NYJ will ned to have home games come January and that means beating out the Patriots for the AFC East - and that is a tall...
  9. ChrisM

    NFL Week 14

    NFL Week 15 My Jets actually stepped up with a HUGE win on the road - their first ever in Pittsburgh. The ioffense looked more consistent as Schottemnheimer went with manageable play calls, high percentage choices that sanchex can handle. No more stretching the field all the time with long...