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  1. Siberian HEAT

    Anyone Free for a Game?

    I've been playing a lot of CM lately and just can't seem to get enough. Anyone care to play a game or two? I don't really care where or what, but prefer CMAK or BB. Just PM me, or better just send a file to siberianheat -at- gmail . com. I've only started playing QBs (mostly done...
  2. Siberian HEAT

    Call of Duty and Battlefield forums now merged

    After long consideration, we've decided to merge the 2 sub-forums back into the main GI Gamer forum. It is tough to keep on top of any one game system and we felt the community would be better served by having all these types of games under one roof. Carry on! :salute:
  3. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    Just had a couple thoughts on supply points (and lack thereof) - with the intent to free some up for use in more important spots. Why not remove the Axis SP in Addis Abbaba by cutting a supply road north through the desert to the Italian supply net up there? It is such a small sideshow that...
  4. Siberian HEAT

    A 4 player game?

    I was wondering what it would take to retrofit a scenario so that it could be played by 4 separate people. For this example, lets take Serbia-Galacia 14. If you know this scenario it has two very distinct and separate theatres of battle, which would make it perfect for this purpose. I'm just...
  5. Siberian HEAT

    Player Report: The Finnish Badlands

    I've played a couple of early game invasion of Finlands with the new Badland hexes of 3.4. I think overall the situation is an improvement over the older versions - as sending any units "into the wasteland" to try to flank the Finns is really a one-way trip. This puts greater importance on the...
  6. Siberian HEAT

    It has begun again: Europe Aflame 1942

    Well, I found some of my old notes over this past weekend and it got me interested in re-starting this project. The first time I did it, I lost the entire thing in probably the only hard drive crash I've ever had where I didn't back it all up. This time I am backing it up as well as sending...
  7. Siberian HEAT

    Dump of 3.4

    Can someone please output a dump file of 3.4 and email it to me? I would be most appreciative since I cannot do it myself. :( I am doing some planning on EA1942 :whist: siberianheat AT Many thanks!
  8. Siberian HEAT

    Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story

    Some of you have probably noticed the new article on the Armchair General site called Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story: Episode I. It uses Europe Aflame as the foundation for a series of articles dealing with the WWII ETO and allows the reader to help the commanders for both sides decide...
  9. Siberian HEAT

    Changes to Version 3.4

    Can someone please kindly point me to where the changes in 3.4 are listed? Better yet, would someone mind cutting and pasting them here... Someone should compile a change log so we know what each version brings to the table. :D
  10. Siberian HEAT

    Soviet Headquarters

    Welcome to your new private forum. This is only viewable by the players of the Soviet side of the Wintergewitter tournament. Speak freely! H.E.A.T.
  11. Siberian HEAT

    Call of Duty

    Anyone else playing this? I just picked it up last night and cracked right into the multiplayer action. Was a little disappointed it doesn't come with Capture the Flag out of the box, but I expect this mod to come along soon. Right now I am hooked on "Behind Enemy Lines" where a small...
  12. Siberian HEAT

    Volunteers: Listing of House Rules

    Was thinking it is time for everyone and get together and come up with a list of house rules you may or may not use in this scenario. Once we have them all in one place it will be much easier when you sit down with an opponent and agree which ones to use. I'll post in the TOAW HQ section when...
  13. Siberian HEAT

    Road to Rimini AAR

    This AAR is from a short little scenario called "Road to Rimini" by Chuck. My opponent was Jlbetin and while it looked bleak for most of the game, I did manage to salvage a draw in the end. First off I could see the Germans have no mobile reserves of any kind during the first few turns...
  14. Siberian HEAT

    NATO vs. Warsaw Pact '62

    Scenario Name: Nato vs. Warsaw Pact '62 Author: Matt Moyer Era/Turns: Modern/30 Location/Scale: North Central Europe at 15km/hex Balance Notes: Scenario is skewed to favor the Warsaw Pact, especially in the first 5-10 turns. An expert WP player might be able to slam dunk the game...
  15. Siberian HEAT

    Ulver of "Mark and Ulver" fame

    Anyone hear from Ulver anymore? Is he out of the design business for good or just letting Mark do all the work? :clap: Also, olde tymers like Duri and Faron Bell must be up to no good these days?:hmmm:
  16. Siberian HEAT

    North American Mapmaking Information

    I am working on a map of North America and found the USGS has a top-notch website that has some really excellent data freely available (at least when viewed via the web). USGS Data Viewer Pay special attention to the landforms section for some very detailed Landsat satellite photography...
  17. Siberian HEAT

    Size of a hex

    I know this sounds elementary, but I can't find a reference to it in any of my documentation. If the scale of a scenario is 25km per hex, does that mean 25km from top to bottom of a hex, or 25km lengthwise along each segment of the hex? Thanks.
  18. Siberian HEAT

    EA42 - square one

    So I go to reload my EA42 directory last night, after reinstalling my OS last weekend. I had backed all my stuff up on CD and got no errors when the CD was written. However, that directory is empty on the CD...which means I just lost all EA42 work! I hadn't gotten a great deal into...
  19. Siberian HEAT

    My first scenario: BattleAxe 1941

    After doing some preliminaries for my Europe Aflame 42 scenario, I quickly realized there are too many things I am unsure about in the TOAW editor. :hmmm: Therefore, as practice I am going to work on a MUCH smaller scenario :) and have picked the BattleAxe operation of the Commonwealth forces...
  20. Siberian HEAT

    Player Profile : Mark Stevens

    Gentlemen, I invite you to check out the TOAW HQ page on this site for an interview with our hero Mark Stevens. He divulges some tidbits about himself, and more importantly the direction of Europe Aflame. Enjoy and thanks for doing that Mark!:D TOAW HQ