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    Proposals for 3.4(b)

    The Bomb ... I was thinking you could include a chance of Germany aquiring the A-Bomb as well, possibly even sooner than the Allies. Germany had access to high-quality uranium in Czechia (though not as good as the ore the Allies used which came from Belgian Congo). They had the brainpower...
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    Proposals for 3.4(b)

    Brussels as strategic point Sorry to have to come back on this one. GHQ did relocate to Antwerp in 1940. There was no "shock" when Brussels fell, the city was never defended. It was never fortified and declared an open city in both World Wars. Our warplan in case of war with Germany called...
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    Proposals for 3.4(b)

    Just a general note. Belgian GHQ should be in Antwerp not in Brussels. Upon entering an armed conflict in Europe, the Belgian GHQ would be (and was indeed on May 10th 1940) relocated to a fortress (Breendonk, later a dreaded German "Transit Camp") near Anwterp. Just as in previous wars...
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    New scenario for playtest : Nghia Lo 1951

    Very interested.
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    Europe at War 1945-1946

    I'd leave Manchuria out of it. In case of a major East-West conflict in Europe, Stalin surely wouldn't have send forces to Manchuria to help the US defeat Japan. He'd stick to his Non-Aggresion Pact with Japan and let the US sweat it out alone against the Japanese. 10-15 km/Hex of you go for...
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    Europe at War 1945-1946

    East - West Clash in 1945. Gentlemen, Please allow me to make some elaborate remarks. 1) You could use the map by Gary Skaar of the entire world (excl. South America) in his "World War II" scenario. It's small but pleasant to play and I'm sure he won't mind you using it. A smaller...
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    playtest Great War v4.2

    There is one thing that might be taken into account during a next review of 4.2. Historically, the Royal GHQ of the Belgian Forces moved to Antwerp, the National Citadel, according to the 1914 War Plan as soon enemy forces crossed the frontier. In reality, several GHQ units had already been...
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    Battle of the Scheldt

    Would someone please mail me the scenario? Address is I live near Antwerp and have an awful lot of information on these battles. Maybe my library might come in handy. Thanks.
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    playtest Great War v4.2

    I'm interested, very much actually. Could you please mail me the scenario? BTW, anybody out there who has the NOCD patch for TOAW-COW 1.04? I had it but lost it during a recent HD crash. My COW is old and almost KIA, poor thing has to work 24/24 7/7 around the year.
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    compatibility with XP

    I once had a similar problem with TOAW II. Try loading the scenario you want to play in your editor and simply save it again (either under the same name or a different name, doesn't matter). Such re-saved scenarios did the trick on my system when I first changed to XP Pro.
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    US-USSR scenrio playetesters needed

    Any chance someone mailing me the scenario please? Thanks.