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  1. Jeffrey D Myers

    4 player scenario

    Thanks, Dan!
  2. Jeffrey D Myers

    4 player scenario

    Thanks, guys!
  3. Jeffrey D Myers

    4 player scenario

    Reviving this thread in case there are more suggestions from recent years. Stay safe, and VASL often!
  4. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Scenario Archive is down

    Archive down?
  5. Jeffrey D Myers

    Leaving gamesquad

    I'm there, and outa here....
  6. Jeffrey D Myers

    Corona Virus and ASL

    Hopefully the leaves will start growing soon on northern hemisphere deciduous trees shortly.... (Only partly tongue in cheek.)
  7. Jeffrey D Myers


    Indeed. I learned the cave rules by playing one of G-T's scenarios. I then trained my little kids to recite: "Gavutu, Tanambogo, Tulagi, Guadacanal."
  8. Jeffrey D Myers

    Nor'easter Cancelation

    Our youngest just had his first Zoom class today....
  9. Jeffrey D Myers


    Good question, Scott! I'm working through Forgotten War scenarios as of yet....
  10. Jeffrey D Myers


    I'm not offended, but these are difficult times (and GS Forums should be accepting of such posts). Cheers, Jeff P.S. The Division West ASL Club here in ABQ was canceled today. P.S.S. Thanks for your work on the CdG 2.0 HASL!
  11. Jeffrey D Myers


    My daughter is returning shortly early from college, going back to the OP's point. Apologies if I have distracted from the message of distress concerning the current difficulties. Edit: Prior posts were moderated.
  12. Jeffrey D Myers

    Moderation Thread

    The word was a common word of profanity in Spanish, which is a lingua franca here in New Mexico. It's meaning in this instance was "Thou art somewhat heavy handed."
  13. Jeffrey D Myers

    Moderation Thread

    I'm all for civility, but thou art somewhat heavy handed.
  14. Jeffrey D Myers

    March Madness 2020

    Unfortunately, there is no evidence yet that the virus causing COVID-19 is seasonal, like the flu.
  15. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    Oops, Perry's evil twin!
  16. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    Perry stated on the CSW Forums that: "eASLRB and Journals being worked on by the gentleman who did the Annuals. Good stuff in the pipeline. No ETA right now, but he's very very good/fast/excited to be working on all of it, so we don't anticipate a big delay. Of course we've thought that with...
  17. Jeffrey D Myers

    Newb Review of Croix de Guerre

    First world problems....
  18. Jeffrey D Myers

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Oil City? Pennsylvania?
  19. Jeffrey D Myers

    Update on Desperation Morale Update

    Oh, you Commonwealthers....
  20. Jeffrey D Myers

    Newb Review of Croix de Guerre

    The British Navy may have had something to do with that....