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    Napoleonic Game Poll - Campaign 1815: Napoleon's Return

    I would like to hear from the community on whether you are interested in a game on the entire 1815 campaign to include the Belgian campaign which culminated in the Battle of Waterloo. This game would include a brand new map of Belgium to include areas to the east and west of the existing Belgium...
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    More Napoleonic Work

    I picked up another project two weeks ago and just finished the first major battle for this title. Its been a whirlwind of activity here. The playtesters are working on the first major battle now. Cannot go into details but its great to have a new project just as the one I was working on for a...
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    Update on Work on New Napoleonic Title

    I am working on another game for John Tiller Software in the Napoleonic Battles series - this game will be a companion title to Campaign Marengo covering the battles in France, the Austrian Netherlands, Switzterland, Bavaria, Holland and the Rhineland. Battles such as Valmy, Bergen, Fleurus, 1st...
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    Campaign Marengo Update 1.01 Released

    The first update for Campaign Marengo has been released. You can get it here: Besides corrections to scenarios and so on there was a change to the amount of time for Night turns so that some of the scenarios that used long Night turns...
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    Campaign Marengo Has Released!

    The latest Napoleonic Battles title from John Tiller Software was released last Friday. It is called Campaign Marengo and covers the three campaigns in Northern Italy from 1796-1800 (specifically 1796-97, 1799 and 1800). The Battle of Loano from 1795 was added in as a bonus. You can find out...
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    Soccer - the THUG Sport

    [URL=""] Sorry Soccer fans - but your sport is ridiculous. If something happened like that in the NFL the entire league would be closed down for weeks before it was allowed...