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  1. Hovned31

    FtF ASL in Savannah Ga or Jacksonville FL.

    Looking for FtF ASL in Savannah Ga or Jacksonville FL areas. I'm in St. Simons Island GA for the next 6 months and able to travel on weekends. I have my rule book and charts but had to leave the rest of my kit at behind. Need a cat free environment if I travel or you need to bring counters...
  2. Hovned31

    LMG distribution.

    How do you generally distribute LMGs when you have multiple squad types with the same Morale Level? (Do you give LMG to 6-2-8 or 4-5-8)? I prefer to give the LMG to the guys with the shorter range so they have some extra firepower at longer ranges.
  3. Hovned31

    French vs. Italians 1940

    Are there any French vs. Italian scenarios besides "Backstabbed" and "Route on the Riviera"?
  4. Hovned31

    Dug in tanks in VotG

    I'm getting ready to play "The First Bid" as the Russian and am trying to figure out what to do with the at start T-34s. I have to set up at least two of them dug in. Should I set up more than the required minimum? I hate losing the mobility but given the German has Stukas for the first 12...
  5. Hovned31

    Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister has died

    The metal world lost a legend. I've seen Moorhead several times in places ranging from stadiums to pubs. Always enjoyed their shows and music. Wish I would have seen them when they were in Detroit a couple months ago. Now its too late. Amazed that Lemmy made it to 70 but still shocked he's...
  6. Hovned31

    Battlefield 2 Modern Combat online games

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to online games of Battlefield 2? Everytime I search for a new game I get a message that no games are available.