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  1. KhandidGamera

    Finland in World War II

    Looking for something else in the The Atlantic and ran across this from 2013. Some very good equipment pics included. Finland in World War II Some of these what make great scenario sheet pics.
  2. KhandidGamera

    A23 Contest in the Clouds setup

    Curious if anyone has done this in VASL and how they went about it. I can accept no snow colors on the desert portion - Board 25 and the Escarpment. Found it surprising there's no real answer in this forum on how to place the Escarpment without using the new draggable overlay method, but ran...
  3. KhandidGamera

    Nicht Unser Großvater Gerhardt's Kampfwagenkanone 50mm . . .

    Development in tanks guns from ASL times to now is obvious, but behold the 50mm XM913 chain gun: 50mm XM913 chain gun Capable of hitting targets at 4000m, or 100 hexes, think that qualifies as a 50LLL. Has the same ROF as other chain guns so about 200 rounds/min, I'd give it a ROF of 3...
  4. KhandidGamera

    April 9th film

    Just watched this yesterday - its on Amazon Prime. Covers a Danish bicycle platoon working with a motorcycle unit during Denmark's short fight when it was invaded. For the early war people this is for you - Pzr I's and II's, Sdkfz 221 and 222, Bofors 37mm AT guns and 20mm anti-tank motorcycles...
  5. KhandidGamera

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Not WW2 or ASL related, but worth mentioning and certainly to be appreciated by folks here. Went and saw this last night with my brother-in-law. Very good. Its also worth staying after the credits also to see and hear how Peter Jackson made his editorial decisions on what to put in the...
  6. KhandidGamera

    BBC Future article on first modern tank the FT: It's been 100 years.

    Just browsing BBC this am and found this: Nice hi-def video, gives a good up-close feel for its speed and sound - like the engine is just on the verge of quitting all the while it was running. Good view of...
  7. KhandidGamera

    The King's Choice

    This has been out of few years, but it just came to Amazon Prime in the last month to my knowledge. Watched it last night and thought it lived up to its reputation as being very good. The Blücher sinking was pretty well done. Wish there'd be more naval historical films done like this using...
  8. KhandidGamera

    LCP boards and LOS thread function.

    Have latest vasl loaded. Just put LCP asl-for-fun boards in and noticed the Los check doesn't seem to work. Guessing has to do with map format. Interested to know if others have found this also. Separately, 3 big cheers for the new overlay approach, very nice just to be able to see what they...
  9. KhandidGamera


    Saw the notice in PiF. Curious to know how far off that it is from reality.
  10. KhandidGamera

    Schwerpunkt-any word on release of stuff delayed by hurricane?

    Don't see it yet at GA, just wondered where its at getting published.
  11. KhandidGamera

    C5.35 - D2.42

    Just finished reading reference to these in Klas's V.22 of Perry Sez and I accept the response. However, am interested to know if there is an intention to issue a revised wording to C5.35 in an errata section in an upcoming journal. Something like the following, for both Gryo & non-Gryo...
  12. KhandidGamera

    Here's hoping Schwerpunkt folks IN a Fortified Location

    Message to Evan and company: Hopes and concerns to all you producers of great ASL material getting through the storm. Hope you keep all the new SP and RP material safe for ASLOK as well.
  13. KhandidGamera

    This might not end well, or isn't this how we got Megalon?

    Or Haven't they watched their own monster movies for the last 60+ years? Or how to make Pacific Rim/Godzilla into a merged franchise of reality cable news television. Calling Jet Jagua, come in please . . . Might have to offer...
  14. KhandidGamera

    Some Hakkaa Päälle weapons from random youtube browsing

    One on the Lahti 20mm ATR: I liked this one for the detail on its operation - don't get your fingers in the way of the ejecting round. The historical background is interesting on selection of the caliber as well. Didn't know there were so many out there. Bet the auction price on these is...
  15. KhandidGamera

    Tactiques Hedge & RR Overlays from Coastal Fortress

    Recently picked up the free down load stuff at VFTT website and got the overlays from the old Tactiques stuff. Just playing with Hexdraw and thought about using that to VASLize the above for my use at least. Saw Tuomo's post in the just active Hexdraw - but the link for detailed VASL...
  16. KhandidGamera

    East Side Gamer's #31 Hell From Hill 441

    Looked at scenario errata and didn't see anything there. Anybody know if its intentional that the Germans only have 2 crews for 6 5/8" ordnance? Been meaning to play this one for a while - anybody played it and how was it?
  17. KhandidGamera

    CH Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan

    Real thanks for getting Maxim Gorki into VASL. I looked at it's download point and didn't see the above in there. Wondered if there were any plans to do a VASL treatment of it. I have the old OAF treatment and made a VASL map of it, printed it out, then recently got CH's HASL. Anybody...
  18. KhandidGamera

    Operation Watchtower HS12 Chesty's Turn

    Looking over OW-Edson's Ridge scenarios and am interested in knowing the rationale for couple things in this scenario: 1. Is the ELR of 4 correct for the Marines, or should it be 5? If 4 - rationale? 2. Why is the Attached MG Section represented by 6-6-6 Regular US army squads? Based on ROAR...
  19. KhandidGamera

    Hell's Corner map?

    Wondered if there were any plans to put the HASL map for Hell's Corner to VASL from Operations - Special Issue #3.
  20. KhandidGamera

    Nice Tool For Printing Out HASL Scenario Maps

    Finally got VASL loaded on both my laptops and hope to get on to playing some VASL soon, and bring the little one for pre-setups to ASLOK. Meantime have been busily making up maps to print out on 110 lb card stock, focusing first on RB and VOTG. Embarrassed to say have had both for a long...