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  1. sambruzs

    Looking for PBeM game

    Cheers Looking for a PBeM ETO game (or two). Thanks
  2. sambruzs

    Looking for PBeM game (or 2)

    Cheers Looking for PBeM game(s). ETO, I am not very good with armor in general. Smaller scenario preferred. Thanks Steve
  3. sambruzs

    Question about Deep Stream

    Hello all, My question: Leader and squad spend 4mf to enter a deep stream hex. They become CX and stop. In the advance phase can the squad and leader advance out of the deep stream hex to an orchard hex? Thanks in advance Really appreciate the help I get here.
  4. sambruzs

    Looking for PBEM game

    Cheers Looking for a small(ish) ETO PBEM game. Relatively new full ASL player, have played quite a few ASLSK scenarios. Thanks
  5. sambruzs

    Buchholz Station...

    Hi all Getting ready to play Buchholz Station as the Americans... Anyone have any ideas about what the trucks are for? Being a noob.... at a loss about how to use them. Thanks