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  1. Steed

    Activation Check Counters

    Since I started playing SASL again several years ago I've wanted to make a counter that would show the different ranges for the Activation Checks - in the heat of the moment I would miss/forget one S? (or three) that should have been checked. So in the last week and half I've been learning...
  2. Steed

    Map board 40, Y1-Z1-AA2-BB1 look like Elevated Roads but

    We are playing a scenario on VASL with board 40. Hexes Y1-Z1-AA2-BB1 look like elevated road hexes but the LOS tool says they are level-1. Are they elevated road hexes and the LOS tool is wrong? Or are they sunken road hexes and the images on the map are wrong?
  3. Steed

    CC and snake eyes.

    Just want to make sure we did this right as neither of us has any extensive experience with close combat. Two Russian leaders (8-1, 8-0) are in a stone building. Three German squads ( 2 full squads and 1 half squad ) and leader ( 8-0 ) advance into the building during the advance phase...
  4. Steed

    CC vs AFV

    I just had my first CC vs AFV and I want to confirm I did it right. Playing SASL, I'm the Germans vs the Russians. The Russians have a KV-1 in a woods hex. As the Germans I advance into the hex a fanatic 8-0 leader, a fanatic squad, half squad. It's a woods hex so I rolled for ambush (mod...
  5. Steed

    Rout or not to rout

    Hello, I've had the game for a long time, played sporadically over the years and have started playing again. I'm playing SASL and this situation came up and I believe I played it correctly but want to make sure. It's the Axis turn, Rout phase. The German squad in P4 is adjacent to P3 and Q4...