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  1. Genosse Gelb

    CCV: CONSCRIPTS! Corona VASL-Tournament 2020

    Due to the world being in lockdown, there will be no physical meetup in Bavaria this year. But we are happy to announce the online edition of Conscripts! 2020: CCV 2020 will take place on four (european) evenings, will have four rounds of "Swiss" (McMahon, to be precise) with random scenarios...
  2. Genosse Gelb

    CONSCRIPTS! 2020: 8th-10th of May; Bad Staffelstein, Germany

    We did it in 2018 & 2019, we will do it even better in 2020: The third CONSCRIPTS! tournament will take place from 8th May to 10th May 2019 in Nedensdorf, Germany (Franconia). Small, casual player friendly tournament (but pros are welcome, too!) 4 rounds of Swiss, starting Friday evening...
  3. Genosse Gelb

    Looking for VASL opponent during European evenings

    Hi there! I took a little break from online ASL, and want to get back into things. I'd love to play during my evenings, starting 8 p.m. UTC+2. If we can manage a weekly schedule, I'd be even happier. I love to play with skype/discord. I am currently interested in the following things: PTO...
  4. Genosse Gelb

    VASL opponent wanted [tonight & thursday euro-timezone evenings]

    Hi there! I am free tonight as well as the next few Thursday evenings, starting 7 p.m. [GMT+1]. I have some setups that I want to try out, but am up for almost anything. Currently reading a lot about Titos Partisans, but PTO end everything else is interesting, too.
  5. Genosse Gelb

    Looking for Le Franc Tireur #9: Yugoslavia

    Hi guys! Is there any plan on making back issues available as pdfs? I would greatly appreciate that. Also, if anybody wants to part with his copy, I'd pay good money, albeit not the €100 somebody is charging on BGG.