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  1. stuh42asl

    Scenario Setups for Red October/ Red Barricades

    Has anyone made scenario setups for RB/RO and willing to share them?
  2. stuh42asl

    Fire power value for the DC used in RO

    In Operation Hubertus, what if the FP value of the DC used to crack Hall 4. I know about the placed value of a regular DC, but the rules mention a very powerful DC. So is this a seperate DC?? Checked the rules as well but no mention as to the FP value?
  3. stuh42asl

    Tunnel for Hall 4 Red October Factory

    I realize this item as not put on the map, but a documentary about the fight for hall 4 made mention of an tunnel running from Hall 4 to the finger gully. This allowed the Russians to get reinforcements to the hall without being seen or interdicted. So maybe this should have been placed on the...
  4. stuh42asl

    Question for you, does MMP ship it's products via USPS.

    I live in Canada , but cannot receive any parcels via Fedex, UPS (couriers) These companies will not deliver to post office boxes or the post office. Maybe one of you guys can provide a contact name. I tried to contact MMP regarding a tracking number, or how they ship out their items. I am...
  5. stuh42asl

    Extension for Forgotten War

    Hello, I know that the maps are done, but have the vasl magicians completed the extension files for Forgotten War?
  6. stuh42asl

    New Ponyri HASL

    Morning Was wondering what is the status of the new Ponyri HASL module? I know that some playtesting has been done, but any idea when the HASL will be released. A concerned ASLer :)
  7. stuh42asl

    VASL boards, extensions and overlays

    With all the programing gurus here there is one question/idea. For the players that want to begin using VASL, why has no one made a download feature for all the components. IE a file set up that would have all the file structure required and the maps, extensions and overlays set up in their...
  8. stuh42asl

    Maxim Gorky by CH

    So folks I broke my cardinal rule................................I bought a CH module....... Hello my name is Shane and I am an Advanced Squad Leader addict........... Well I have always been interested in the siege of Sevastopol. I have many books and articles on it , so when CH came out with...
  9. stuh42asl

    NHL Hockey..............Is it time they get a life and grow up

    Well I read an interesting article. In Canada 10 military members make a total of $385,000 defending our countries freedom, our citizens lives and our families, they do it without complaint, like wise in the United states they all do the same and probably make the same amount of money, for...