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  1. Tooz

    Really good customer support!

    Thought I would pass along good news...Vicki from MMP customer support is doing a great job with confusion from an order in which I messed up. Really impressed!
  2. Tooz

    Countersheet pics needs for labeling requested.

    Instead of worrying about clipping my counters I worry about finding my counters when I need them. As a poor second from the ultimate "counter slut"--Olli--I am trying to get everything labeled in order to be accessible. I suffer from the "Curse of Pete Shelling". This began years back at an...
  3. Tooz

    Anyone have pics of these CH! counter sheets?

    Guys, just curious... Wondering if anyone has feedback (and maybe pics) on these counter sets: Greeks Polish Armoured Division '44 As if I need more counters...
  4. Tooz

    What size sheet protector is needed for LFT designed scenarios?

    An unusual problem: my USA standard size sheet protectors are too small to hold LFT scenarios. These are 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I ordered legal sized sheet protectors and these are too long at the top. So, which are the correct ones I need?
  5. Tooz

    Bandenkrieg Errata

    Revisiting this release. I had two mistakes pointed out by Morgan, from this forum. First off, the first victory condition option is Building K19 NOT K10! K10 has no apparent value. The Germans set up on/between Rows J and Q in hexes < 24. I am going to revisit this release and see what else I...
  6. Tooz

    Blank scenario template for Word...

    Guys, I may have asked this before but does anyone have a home made blank scenario template for Word? All I want is to "dress up" my new designs before they go into playtesting. I get better offers to test when ASLers are shown a scenario that "looks good". A plain, typed out scenario card...
  7. Tooz

    Bucket list scenarios to be played at ASLOK

    In addition to playtesting, I am also looking to finally play some of those bucket list scenarios I have yet to play. So, if you have a similar desire to do this, please let me know. I am interested in any HASL such as Hatten, Hell's Corner, Red Barricades, Primosole bridge or any TPP HASL or...
  8. Tooz

    2019 call for ASLOK playtesters

    Guys, ASLOK here once again. Let me know if any of you are willing to help out. I have a lot of stuff from BFP, LFT, one Lone Canuck monster scenario and will test with Pete any MMP stuff. If you have something in need of testing of your own. Look for me where I normally sit.
  9. Tooz

    Looking for Colman Quill my Big Game Hunter opponent from 2018 ASLOK...

    Bret, guys, Last year I played against a very nice gentleman from North Dakota. I cannot remember his name other than his first initial is M. He looks a bit like Santa. Just wondering if he is willing to have a rematch for 2019.
  10. Tooz

    Quick question about seeing wire at night...

    I am interpreting the ASLRB (E1.16) as a no to this question: NVR is 1. Good order unit in open ground. Adjacent hex is also open ground. If there is a wire counter there the unit cannot see this and the wire may remain HIP? Even if illuminated? If no, then only revealed by searching or entering...
  11. Tooz

    T26 M33 and M37 with AAMG question.

    Guys, can the AAMG equipped T-26 M33 and M37 fire its CMG and AAMG? If yes or no, please give me the rules reference that allows/disallows this. This situation may arise in my next playing and need to be proactive here. OK, just got a quick reply for the CMG. So, the AAMG of course (?) can be fired.
  12. Tooz

    Thread for ideas on KWASL's Steep Hills rules addition.

    I am currently designing scenarios that include KWASL's steep hills rules (W. 1.3). In addition to scenarios set in Korea the majority of these scenarios take place in WW2. The purpose of this thread is to discuss your views on these rules and if these should be expanded. I can use more...
  13. Tooz

    Will the PTO Starter Kit maps be available for purchase soon?

    Guys, love the boards but do not need the kit. Please let me know if and when these boards are available for purchase.
  14. Tooz

    Steep Hills cheat sheet available?

    Rick Spilkey is usually the guy for this, but has anyone come up with this? Scenario designs focusing on this great new KWASL rule have me struggling to grasp every nuance. I also think these rules can evolve. Great for a more realistic depiction of mountain fighting.
  15. Tooz

    Scenarios that use Axis Minors for the Japanese

    Guys, I am trying to compile a list of published scenarios that use Axis Minors fighting for the Japanese. I know BFP and LFT had a few with the Thailand Army and MMP had at least one. Can you guys give me as many titles as possible that are available? As always, working on something...
  16. Tooz

    Scenarios that start out at night and then turn into Dawn.

    I need to find any other scenarios that started out from night and then turned into day. I can think of the opposite happening but cannot recall any scenario that move from night to day. I have a scenario WIP which does this. How do I simplify the SSR? Scenario defender now has freedom of...
  17. Tooz

    Looking for Kevin Kennelly

    Can't remember if I have spelled his name right. I have not read much from him lately. Kevin, please pm me when you have time.
  18. Tooz

    Infantry/vehicle smoke grenades in gusts?

    Guys, looks like this can occur as I cannot find the rule reference that says these cannot be placed in gusts. They go away in the final fire phase anyway but found this omission in the ASLRB puzzling. Am I missing something?
  19. Tooz

    Settle a bet for me about motion vehicles...

    There is a tank in motion in front of a German bunker withing LOS. This is not a hindrance until after the AFph. Now, it is the German Prep Fire phase. It is STILL a +1 hindrance; AFV owners First/Final Fire phase. STILL a +1 hindrance? I have a lot riding on this answer (a whole six pack of...
  20. Tooz

    US Lend lease variants in Russian service?

    Saw these pics from Pinterest. Actually designed or some toy model fantasy? I will guess these are fantasy, but with all of the improvised vehicles made during WW2 are any of these authentic? Fun, if historically true.