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  1. Tuomo

    The Results Are In!

    After a week of collecting data on The Grand Tuomo Experiment, the numbers have been crunched and The People Have Spoken: 94% said Tuomo's commentary was "invaluable to the experience of enjoying IR Episode 25" 85% said Tuomo's British accent was "completely believable and woulda fooled 'is own...
  2. Tuomo

    Your Military Historian Sucks

    Inspired by one of the replies to the Crete thread, which I started because I had finished reading Beevor's book on it. Gerry talked about Beevor being not as good as others (Overy, Hastings, Stahel or Glantz and House), but Craig Benn wasn't impressed by Hastings. So. Here's a good place for...
  3. Tuomo


    I'm reading Anthony Beevor's book on Crete. MAN the Brits just could not get out of their own way at that point in the war. "Let's go help Greece! Whoops, that didn't work, we gotta evacuate. Let's defend Crete - hell, we even have Ultra intercepts telling us the time and place! Whoops, the...
  4. Tuomo

    Double ASL'ers?

    Can't believe no one's ever asked. Are there any ASL'ers who know American Sign Language?
  5. Tuomo

    Shut Up Back There Or I Turn This Halftrack Around

    A quote from Will Rogers: “When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.” Its relevance to ASL: broken units as Passengers. Came up in a game yesterday, and I just wanna check the global Rules Zeitgeist. You...
  6. Tuomo

    Charlie Kibler GoFundMe

    Appreciate holdit's mentioning this in another thread, but it deserves its own thread on the front page: We all owe a lot of hours of enjoyment to Charlie Kibler.
  7. Tuomo

    High Drama In Order 831

    Playing FrF58 Order 831 against John Bock in the Ersatz VASL League. This is the scenario that prompted the Please. Fire At Me More thread. (FWIW, the Sad Sherman in that thread went on to X out its CMG before being sacrificed in a VBM Freeze of a German strongpoint. True to form, it didn't even...
  8. Tuomo

    The Martian buildings in FB?

    We watched The Martian again this weekend, and of course looked up some trivia about it afterwards. Apparently in the end when the crowds were gathered around various places watching and waiting for the outcome of the effort to Save Mark Watney, they used some huge buildings around Budapest to...
  9. Tuomo

    Please. Fire At Me More

    Ersatz VASL League game against John Bock. Playing FrF 58, Order 831. My Russians zoom onboard and try to turn the German left flank, brazenly flinging a T-34/85 with Rider (just like in Panzerblitz!) past an LMG firelane and parking in the back lot of the church in 3aI8, waggling the turret to...
  10. Tuomo

    Illuminating Rounds #17 is out!

    SEE Dave and Martin play a scenario without messing up the setup! RECOIL in horror at Martin's pestilent face! QUIVER in fear as Martin faces a no-goodnik bent on EVIL! Fun stuff as always, gents! Complete with bloopers!
  11. Tuomo

    Ammo Vehicles... marked in pregame?

    Do Ammo Vehicles have to be marked with the Ammo Counter during pregame, or can those be put on the vehicle later, a la BU/CE status? Because if you've got 5/8" concealed counters and might want to set up some Dummies masquerading as Ammo Vehicles, it would kinda ruin the effect to require those...
  12. Tuomo

    Too Late For April Fool's

    Dangit. Should have announced an ASLRB update to A4.63 that creates the Em Dash (EmD) and the En Dash (EnD). The EmD is the normal Dash between two things on either side of a street. The EnD is a Dash across a Narrow Street, between two adjacent buildings. DANGIT.
  13. Tuomo

    RCL Backblast: only Friendlies affected?

    C12.31 starts: "Any unarmored friendly/Melee unit in the backblast of a RCL when it fires, other than the manning Infantry which fired it, is TI for the remainder of that Player Turn." So non-Melee enemy units aren't affected at all? Seems... wrong. Tom
  14. Tuomo

    The REAL Lost Opportunities

    Note to self: next time you get the chance to be in on the ground floor of something big, MAKE IT COIN OPERATED:
  15. Tuomo

    Does Broken Ground have...

    Chits for the Australian Balance System? That would be fun.
  16. Tuomo

    Double-Wide Wooded Hill

    Mark's discussion of the French in ASL included a brief mention of how a new double-wide wooded hill board might help sell the module. Got me thinking, which got me sketching, which eventually led to this: Now, this didn't turn out the way I'd hoped; it certainly doesn't feel like France...
  17. Tuomo

    Scenarios We Need: The Last Surrender

    Norwegians vs Germans, September 1945
  18. Tuomo

    WO 2020 Bonus Pack available

    As per Chas on Consimworld: As others have said, board 13ab is really interesting. Love the graphic style; this is what I want to emulate in my own stuff. Points of interest: Multilevel sewer system. I checked the...
  19. Tuomo

    CC question: Capturing

    This almost came up in a game yesterday, but I think we karmically veered away from the potential rules question. Say a conscript 436 squad and a 9-1 leader are in CC with an enemy 458. The Russian attack will happen at 1-2 (no HtH), but what happens if they want to make a Capture attempt? I...
  20. Tuomo

    DASL WA question

    As always, one's understanding of the ASLRB does not survive first contact with reality. Consider the situation below. It's the German APh. How do they think about keeping the Russians from crossing the street? (Wise Guy End Runs not applicable here). The guy in D2 stays put, just for...