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  1. Mini-Me


    What does everyone think of this kid? He's a gamer for sure, but I don't like the way he conducted himself yesterday, especially the way it looked like he appeared to brush off his coach.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Anybody watching or keeping tabs? Normally, the Thug League doesn't interest me, but it is the playoffs and Dallas has won their Game 1 in the first round. I may watch a little.
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    Pro Bowl this weekend?

    Can somebody explain to me the rationale for putting the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl? To my way of thinking, it makes no sense. If I were owner or coach of a Super Bowl team, I wouldn' t allow any of my Pro Bowl players to play. If the league were to fine me, I'd be all too happy to pay...
  4. Mini-Me


    Hi, Picked up Gettysburg the other day, and I'm looking for a PBEM opponent. I'd like a medium sized scenario, and since I'm pretty new at the ACW titles, I'd like to be defending. You have to crawl before you can walk. :) PM me if interested.
  5. Mini-Me

    Campaign Peninsula

    Hello, I should be receiving this game in the mail today or tomorrow - I bought it so I could play in the tournament. I was hoping to play a scenario or two before then to get a feel for the Civil War system. I've played nothing but PzC/MC, so this would be my first foray into this series...
  6. Mini-Me

    Designing new scenario - Relief of Berlin

    Just thought I'd let everyone know, I'm putting together a new scenario for NGP. This one will be medium sized, and therefore realistically playable for PBEM. I am not programming the AI, it will strictly be for PBEM. So far: Date - summer 1985 The Americans, British, and the West Germans...
  7. Mini-Me

    Update: Expanded Germany CG (1988)

    I am currently playtesting this by using the 2 player hotseat mode against myself. See the other thread in this subforum for a description. I usually play every other day so that I forget a lot of what I did on the previous turn. Right now it is turn 26 (evening of June 13, 1988) and WP...