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  1. horseshoe

    Corregidor Preorder

    Received mine yesterday !!
  2. horseshoe


    My brother ordered one copy as well, even though I didn't think we needed it. We usually only get the reprints if they contain the updated rules, eg, Rising Sun. He said our brit counters needed updated so he ordered it. We may get it in a couple years or so...: (
  3. horseshoe


    Its stalled about halfway there. Don't think it will make it anytime soon. : (
  4. horseshoe

    Is Blood & Jungle Revised the best / only way to get the extra BF fire markers?

    If its made by BFP, its a must buy. They are some of the best playtested and just all around good scenarios you will ever get. I once was in the 'official' only camp, but a few of the guys on here got me to try Blood and Jungle, and Crucible of Steel. We loved them so much, I have purchased...
  5. horseshoe

    I hate ASL!

    Talk about hating this game,LOL, my brother rolled four; FOUR CHs in one turn of our Hatten in Flames CG last week, two against my panthers killing them both. He followed that up today with TWO more CHs against some infantry, blasting them to dust as well. I was not amused.........
  6. horseshoe

    Monte Altuzzo

    Glad you're back, Don. Missed you while you were on hiaitus.
  7. horseshoe

    Raise your hand if you have not played a scenario from the Forgotten War module

    Not yet. We have it, we opened it. we liked the look of it, we are playing a couple of CGs right now, so, its just sitting on the table waiting its turn in the que....
  8. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

    West of Alamein
  9. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

  10. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

  11. horseshoe

    Attention Mapmakers: Soviet villages

    SSR 2, No roads exist, treat as other terrain in hex.
  12. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

  13. horseshoe

    Tupelo MS needs ASL player.

    I would think we would need to meet at a game store somewhere. I don't know how a restaurant would feel about us taking up 2 of their tables for several hours. First Thursday ok with me as well..
  14. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

    Under Belly Hit
  15. horseshoe

    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

  16. horseshoe

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Just got in the 'Wacht Am Rhein' updated pack from LC.
  17. horseshoe

    Tupelo MS needs ASL player.

    Thursday the best day for me as well...
  18. horseshoe

    How to fight a pillbox?

    I only said that about not wanting to hear about it because it was in the house magazine instead of the Journal. I know most of the folks round here don't like the house magazine. I look at it like the "General" used to be. I subscribed to it for years and often an issue would have little to no...
  19. horseshoe

    Adapting existing campaign games to other battles.

    I agree. If you're going to go to all the trouble, do it right.
  20. horseshoe

    In praise of Battle School's Battle Dice!!!

    Yea, we use them too. I like the 12.7mm nationality dice and we have a few of the larger ones also. They add a hint of fun to the game for us.