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  1. bprobst

    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    In your program files folder, you should see one folder for "VASSAL-3.2.17" and a second one for "VASSAL-3.3.2". The older version only contains the "core" files that VASSAL requires; it expects the Java libraries to be available from somewhere else (which is your "java 8" installation). The...
  2. bprobst

    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    Got it, thanks. 👍
  3. bprobst

    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    I installed the beta and so far as I can tell it "looks and feels" exactly the same as 6.5.1. I'm just curious if that's intentional (I'm guessing yes), and if so, what exactly is it about the new version of VASSAL that future versions of VASL will actually care about? I don't need any...
  4. bprobst

    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    I record my "games played" in ROAR. Playtests, by their very nature, don't appear in ROAR (and a scenario that I playtest might be published in a very different form, or not even be published at all). If I used a different method to record my games played I probably would include them, but...
  5. bprobst

    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    I thought it would average out around 20, but over the last few years it turns out I've averaged about 30 -- not counting playtests, which I don't record ... so it probably works out to between 30-40. Since most of my games are played via VASL anyway, this year is looking to work out about the...
  6. bprobst

    Sounds for VASL

    Well, since you ask: no.
  7. bprobst

    Historical - geomaps

    You mean deirs? (F4) Something we don't see much of (if at all) on regular geomorphic maps: irregular valleys. If a valley exists on a board, it's contiguous and several hexes in size. And that's fine ... but picture a large area of level 0 terrain with several single-hex level -1 hexes...
  8. bprobst


    That's a very peculiar way of looking at things. It's incredibly easy to "draw the conclusion" that since the scenario designer didn't use overlays, he didn't intend rules for overlays to be used.
  9. bprobst

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Playing HG15 "King Darges" last night. I have a Hetzer stopped adjacent to a T-34/85 ... we've both already spent a turn trading shots at each other. My Prep Fire ... hit, no ROF, dud shell. Sigh. OK, let's try Intensive Fire. Hit ... dud shell. Sigh. His return fire bounced off my armour...
  10. bprobst

    Next Pocket Edition Rulebook Pre-requisites?

    The "single version" is when there is only one version. That's what "single" means. As soon as you have more than one, it isn't "single" any more. It's not complicated. When we're talking manuals, there are "printings" and "editions".
  11. bprobst

    Pre-configured board layouts.

    How exactly does this save time? If I have to swap out the board(s) 00 for the boards I actually want, it's just as fast to pick the boards I actually want in the first instance. This seems like a solution to a problem that absolutely no-one was experiencing.
  12. bprobst

    Next Pocket Edition Rulebook Pre-requisites?

    If there were "differences in content", then it wouldn't be a "single version", would it?
  13. bprobst

    VASL Overlay Extension

    Interesting ... I've been playing HG15 "King Darges" and we were finding that the overlay BFP C1 (in the Bounding Fire section) seemed to have some sort of adverse effect on the LOS string. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't get the LOS string to actually hit the centre dot in any of the...
  14. bprobst

    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    ASL Players? (I may have lost track of where this conversation has been going.)
  15. bprobst

    Next Pocket Edition Rulebook Pre-requisites?

    Chapter F is a prerequisite for (parts of) Chapter G. Pretty hard to move or fight on a beach if you don't know what the sand rules are. It's also a prerequisite for (parts of) Chapter B. Knowing that an EmRR acts like a hillock for LOS is not helpful without knowing how hillocks affect LOS...
  16. bprobst

    Special Ops Issue 1 - Issue 7 in PDF Format

    Oh. I thought you were being ironic, 'cos it's been a long long time since we saw a new Journal.
  17. bprobst

    PTO Terrain and TH/TK for SK extensions

    You weren't very clear in what you wrote. Your original statement was that you had created an extension for "PTO Terrain". What you apparently meant to write was "PTO Terrain Chart".
  18. bprobst

    Sharing saved game with opponent

    Unless you and your opponent use identical passwords!
  19. bprobst

    PTO Terrain and TH/TK for SK extensions

    What is the point of an extension for PTO terrain? PTO terrain is already built into VASL.