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  1. SFiedler

    Tunnels and routing

    A Japanese hs is in a bunker in bamboo, jungle is present in an adjacent hex. If broken can he use the tunnel from the bunker to a hut hex further away than the jungle?
  2. SFiedler

    Pillbox stacking A5.5 and actions to make space

    A 1-5-7 pillbox has a crew and a Gun. The pillbox is thus full. 1. if the crew dies what is the stacking cap then (i.e does the gun count as a hs for stacking puroposes or does it have to be possessed to count. (See A5.5 ..." an Infantry crew/HS is manning a Gun it is considered equal to a...
  3. SFiedler

    Melee and enemy entry duringMPh

    Hi Can/must an infantry SQ locked in melee w enemy AFV shoot on IFT if a enemy DC hero charges into the hex? /S
  4. SFiedler

    SQOD #2

    Hi An AFV on a partial TB in a wood hex with friendly Infantry declares Armored assault. If the AFV bogs as it trie s to exit the woods (not using any TB) must the infantry stop as well?
  5. SFiedler


    SQoD (Stupid Question Of the Day): Can a small AT gun be emplaced in a Hut? (PTO) thus giving it better TEM vs a DC hero? Follow up Q can the gun in above case claim WA with a wall in same hex?
  6. SFiedler

    A.1 - Dices What does A.1 mean unto the legality of using unholy non BV dices? :eek: :D
  7. SFiedler

    IS crew survival roll possible for shocked AFV?

    As per heading /S
  8. SFiedler

    DC hero vs AFV

    Hi Can a DC hero place DC vs AFv as per special DC Position DR (C7.346) - i.e. getting a TK roll? Or does he just detonate it on IFT? /S
  9. SFiedler


    Dash, is it allowed? see picture below from T7 to V6 from T7 to U6 Can shellholes be used as protection in the dash dash in these cases?
  10. SFiedler

    Dash and armoured assault

    Can infantry in same hex as friendly AFV dash over a road with this AFV?
  11. SFiedler


    1. can a concealed AFV cause hindrance mod to a TH roll? 2 May the owner elect to reveal the concealed AFV in order to cause a miss AFTER the TH has been rolled (the TH was exactly the needed #)? 3. Must the concealed AFV be revealed/temporarily revealed to add hindrance or is it enough to...
  12. SFiedler

    Towed gun

    Hi A ht is unhhoking a gun for 6 MP. If it gets destroyed during these 6 MPs the gun is lost? /S
  13. SFiedler

    FL allowed?

  14. SFiedler

    Hedges and HEAT

    I could have sworn that hedges gives hull down like protection to BAz/PF etc. Is this a lingering fragmenbt from original squadleader?!
  15. SFiedler

    Collateral attack

    A HMG w 6 FP fires at a CE halftrack as ordnance and hits on a roll of 1,2. The LOS crossed a orchard and a 1+ for early morning applies. IS original TH roll used for attack on IFT? WHat FP on attack on crew? Does hindrance and mist apply on the collateral attack? If fired in enemy mph can...
  16. SFiedler

    Mtr vs Halftracks

    Hi It s the TH roll on the mortar that determines location of hit on AFV? A mortar that hits a 251/1 German HT has -1 on Tk for OT -1 for low AF? Does TEM (Graveyard) apply on TK roll? A AFV that is in OG but with a wall gets TEM for the wall for a mortar hit, even if the los don´t cross the wall?
  17. SFiedler

    Cunning(?) ways of removing concealment?

    A couple of hexes away a concealed 5/8" counter. Can concealment be stripped by (rule ref pls); Shooting on IFT and get a result vs concealed? Shooting w MG and get a hit? Shooting w a gun (AP) and get a hit? Shooting w OBA and getting result on IFT? Shooting w mortar and getting result on...
  18. SFiedler

    HIP Gun and special ammo

    Hi Where is it specified on what happens if a HIP gun tries to hit using a special ammo and rolls too high and does not have it available? /S
  19. SFiedler

    AM In OG and FH

    Hi A concealed enemy infantry units assault moves into a plowed field containing a FH. The MF cost is 1.5 for plowed field and 1 for entrance of FH. First MF - is ? lost due to moving in OG. I think not? first MF if fired upon will the modifier be -1 or +2 If not +2 in Q2 can the unit be...
  20. SFiedler

    suggestions for introducing PTO to ASL players

    Any well known starting scenarios w high fun factor? /S