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  1. Jim McLeod

    Are you a Fan of Westerns?

    Ah, you prefer those chaps, horses, men with bandanas types of movies ... not that there is anything wrong with that ... ;) "are you kidding, the fall will probably kill ya'" :laugh:
  2. Jim McLeod

    Are you a Fan of Westerns?

    Depends on the film. Some of my favourite dusters are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Little Big Man and anything where the 'Home Team' wins the big fight. ;)
  3. Jim McLeod

    Taming The Skulk

    OK gents, like a certain other activity we all do but seldom admit to in polite conversation, we all like to Skulk. Nothing wrong with that, the rules allow it and we've been doing it practically since the first GT. That said, it does not really pass the sniff test as far as being...
  4. Jim McLeod

    New members introduce yourself here

    Dave, where in Hertfordshire are you from? I have family in Tring. =Jim=