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  1. Augie

    ASLSK#4 PTO boards

    Curious if boards m,n & o are available for VASL
  2. Augie

    Does GT have huts?

    So getting ready to play Gavutu-Tanambogo (via VASL). Have a small debate. Are there Huts on GT? On the original overlays/map from Annual 93b, some of the multi-building hexes have a "fuzzy" hut like depiction. But not all: 1045 and 1057 look like normal wooden buildings. However, the newer...
  3. Augie

    Need an updated ASLRB index?

    I have noticed that the latest "core" modules do not come with updated indexes. Modules like HP and FW add several new rules, but without an updated ASL index, you can be quite challenged to find the "new rules". Also, the Index is considered part of the "official rules", so lacking an...
  4. Augie

    Routing and Rowhouse question

    Myself and my opponent are not sure we did this right. Below is a pic with and without the units. 64S8 has a broken German squad. R8 and U9 has a Russian unconcealed good order squad at ground level. T7 has a German and Russian MMC locked in melee at ground level. Due to the rowhouse bar...
  5. Augie

    G4 German PiF alternate MG table

    I found the various BFP PiF (Poland in Flames) 'ersatz' German MGs really interesting. Although they may not be as common as the standard German MG34/MG42, they did get fielded in the tens of thousands. Using the PiF notes, I created DRM/drm to hopefully replicate the type of units that were...
  6. Augie

    Can Soviet Partisans deploy?

    Can Russian Partisan squads deploy?
  7. Augie

    When a 1/2" parachute fails a MC

    My opponent and I are playing a Air Drop scenario, and we were unable to figure out a situation with 1/2" (SW) parachutes. If 1/2" parachutes are targeted, what are the mechanics for resolution and what happens if they fail the MC? Also, per E9.42, a 1/2" parachute takes a NMC when it lands in...
  8. Augie

    Bloody Buron - RG O1/O2 OBA radio?

    For the LCP Bloody Buron RG table, I am bit confused to OBA RG purchases. For Germans, O2 & O3 have an Offboard observer per note o. For Canadian O3, you have to buy an OP Sherman. But for German O1, and Canadian O1 & O2, the only note is p, which is buying pre-registered hex(es). Do these...
  9. Augie

    Molotov counter in VASL?

    Title says it all. Is there a Molotov Cocktail counter in VASL?
  10. Augie

    CH on an OT AFV and affects on the crew

    My ASL buddy and I had the following situation, and could not quite figure out the Collateral Attack on the inherent AFV crew. Situation: Firing a 81mm MTR at a OT AFV (i.e. SU-76M). The MTR rolls a CH. The IFT DR (double to the 30 column) is an 8 (cdr 6, wdr 2: Hull hit). With the -2 (OT...
  11. Augie

    guards, prisoners and concealments

    I can't seem to find it in the rules, but do prisoners share the concealment status of their guards?
  12. Augie

    Java Platform SE binary has stopped working

    Trying to set up some new games, and while selecting maps, it will freeze and I would get the message "Java Platform SE binary has stopped working". This does not happen every time, but quite frequently. It seems to happen with the ASLSK letter boards (i.e. p thru z) almost every time...
  13. Augie

    Street Fighting?

    Can the US squad conduct Street Fighting against the Panther? To me, per A11.8, the answer is "yes". But I've had others say that a building has to be in Q6 to be eligible.
  14. Augie

    Leader Creation and Base unit Morale Level

    Something I should know, but I continuously get confused - and I cannot find a Perry Sez, nor is it defined in the Index: What is the base unit Morale level of an US 1st line squad (6-6-6) that is broken, and self rallies on DR2 - is it "6" (its unbroken morale level) or "8" (its broken morale...
  15. Augie

    SS - When to start using 658ss in scenario designs

    Chapter A says that 468ss are used in the early war years, and 658ss have assault fire in 1944-45. So what is the consensus on when 658ss squads can start appearing in scenarios?
  16. Augie

    LOS Hex Geometry Articles

    I remember there was an article (or two) on figuring out LOS vertex intersections by Hex Geometry. Can anyone provide where those were published?
  17. Augie

    New Sideways Map Thread(s)

    For the life of me, I can't find these threads. I am looking for the threads that show pix of the new Sideways Maps that are coming out, as well as the threads for getting them to work in VASL. Thanks in advance