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  1. Crustav

    First time PBEM

    Looking for a patient soul to play PBEM with. This will be my first time playing on VASL online. I have played solo a couple of times so I know the absolute basics. Appreciate if you know VASL better than me. My merits as an ASL-player is that I'm a relative new player, 4 years. I have attended...
  2. Crustav

    Kindling woods from foxhole

    Is it possible to kindle a Woods hex from a beneath a foxhole counter in the same hex. B25.11 states ”... may deliberately attempt to start Flame in Burnable Terrain it occupies...” Since a foxhole is not a different location (B27.1), but the word occupies is not defined in the index, it is not...
  3. Crustav

    Looking for article on how to make a set up in VASL

    I’m new to VASL and try to get grip on how things work. I know I read an article on how to make a nice set up with textboxes, borders etc. But I was not intrested in VASL at the time I read it so I did not give it to much thought. Now I can’t find it. It is probably in a journal, special ops...
  4. Crustav

    Set up question in S52 Extraordinary bravery

    Hi I’m introducing a collegue to the world of ASL through starter kit. This will be our fourth session and I’m going to introduce vehicles. S52 has an armoured car for the axis so this looks like a good scenario to be his first encounter with vehicles. I’m playing the axis. Now to my question...