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  1. David Goldman

    Allied Troop Deployment

    In RPT8 Well Taught, the Russians have 8 squads and the Romanians are allied troops and have 3 squads. Can the Romanians deploy one or two squads since the Allied troops total 11?
  2. David Goldman

    Missing Familiar Faces From FtF ASL?

    No FtF ASL! Plenty of time to clean up files on my computer. If you suffer from a tournament Jones, here is a reminder of days past: Enjoy 2014 at ASLOK David
  3. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN is now the 2020 eASL OPEN!

    I've taken the plunge and learned VASL so the ASL OPEN can go in 2020 but on VASL. First Round starts June 8. One round each week. See the website for the rules, scenarios and registration form.
  4. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN Is Cancelled

    With great regret, I must cancel the 2020 ASL OPEN. Illinois restaurants are closed except for carryout and delivery. There have been several cancellations of pre-registrations and I expect more would come. There would probably be very few walk in registrations. Rather than have the...
  5. David Goldman

    Yes the ASL OPEN is Still Happening

    In order to reach the broadest audience of ASL readers on this forum, I posted here. Unless there is a widespread outbreak of the coronovirus in Chicago, the OPEN will go forward, 3/26/2020 - 3/28/2020. If the situation should radically change in the next two weeks, I will make a separate...
  6. David Goldman

    How Have Tactics Have Changed In ASL

    I was reading ASL: difficult to learn to play, easy to learn how to play well, and dying out and reflected that having played ASL since 1991, there is a far more sophisticated set of tactics that experienced gamers employ now than in the early days of ASL. For instance, deploying has become...
  7. David Goldman

    Need A Roomie For Winter Offensive

    Last minute but I can attend. Anyone willing to share a room? Reply to: David
  8. David Goldman

    Ft S7 Looks Like the Fourth of July

    Rich Domovic and I played FT S7 1/5/2020. Following is our AAR in Eight Parts. Hopefully someone can respond to the question we had about LOS over the Fortress Walls.
  9. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN

    I just updated the ASL OPEN website. See links in the site for the 2020 announcement/registration form, scenario list and new rules for 2020. I made the final selection of all the scenarios. But new this year is the "Any Scenario" option in every round. There are...
  10. David Goldman

    Francis Currey WWII MOH Recipient Dies at Age 94

    Only two WWII MOH recipients are still alive...
  11. David Goldman

    Save The Date 2020 ASL OPEN In Chicago

    March 26 - 29, 2020. Same place, still waiting on the room price. 6 Rounds starting 4:00 p.m. Thursday, March 26, 2020. Mini tournament starts 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 27, 2020. David Goldman
  12. David Goldman


    I have added all the rseults from the OPEN into ROAR. If I have made an error, please correct it yourself. Please note that the two matchs of the revised Streets of Stalingrad will be changed when the OPEN 3 scenario is added to ROAR Right now it is entered as Scenario C. David
  13. David Goldman

    Report and the Numbers of the 2019 ASL OPEN

    Congratulations to Curtis Brooks the 2019 ASL OPEN winner. Although runner up Wes Vaughn beat Curtis in the final round, they tied on points. The tie breaker went to Curtis (total points of defeated opponents 229 to 226). 3rd place went to Mark DeVries. Joe Celebuski was the mini tournament...
  14. David Goldman

    ASL OPEN Is Less Than 2 Months Away

    OK, Who's coming to to the ASL Open in Chicago? Need information? Find it here:
  15. David Goldman

    2018 ASL OPEN Results

    Before noon, by virtue of a mistimed airline flight, Nathan Stapf had to concede to Bret Hildebran (6-0) for the 2018 ASL OPEN Championship. Bret has repeated as the ASL OPEN Champion for the third year in a row. Congratulations to Bret who made it look almost too easy starting and staying...
  16. David Goldman

    Who is Coming to the ASL OPEN? Who is the Favorite to Win?

    The thread title says it all. I'm starting to print the name badges. It is always a pain in the posterior to print after the tournament starts. Let me know if you haven't pre-registered but are going to attend. Then your badge will be ready when you arrive. David
  17. David Goldman

    Update On 2018 ASL OPEN

    The scenario list is now completed (see attachment). Registrations are running normal and we should have about 45 attendees this year. Send your registration in now and save $5.00 from the after 3/15/2018 price. Visit the ASL OPEN website at:
  18. David Goldman

    ASL OPEN Website

    Finally crawling into the 21st Century, the ASL OPEN now has a website. Take a look: And come the the 2018 ASL OPEN, April 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2018. The registration materials are at the bottom of the home page.
  19. David Goldman

    Leon Cooper Dies at 98 - Higgins Boat Commander in Pacific - 6 Assaults

    Another hero passes on; Watch the video:
  20. David Goldman

    Cobra King

    From this month's "Call To Duty" the Newsletter of the Capital Campaign for the National Museum of the United States Army: "... the [Jumbo] Sherman Tank, known as "Cobra King," led the 4th Armored Division column that broke through the German lines ringing the Belgian town of Bastogne..." J124...