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  1. David Goldman

    Allied Troop Deployment

    In RPT8 Well Taught, the Russians have 8 squads and the Romanians are allied troops and have 3 squads. Can the Romanians deploy one or two squads since the Allied troops total 11?
  2. David Goldman

    Perfect Game

  3. David Goldman

    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    Travel restrictions, not a problem. Crowded room with aging ASL population. Not a problem. Covid19, not a problem. Sudden fatal lead poisoning, big problem. My wife will buy a gun, learn how to shoot and use it on me if I even take a one millimeter step in the direction of ASLOK!
  4. David Goldman

    Charlie Kibler GoFundMe

    Just made my donation. We all should support Charlie since he has given so much of his talents to ASL.
  5. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN is now the 2020 eASL OPEN!

    OOPS! an eagle eyed viewer noted that the dates on the scenario list on the website were incorrect. They have been changed. First round starts June 8!
  6. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN is now the 2020 eASL OPEN!

    There is no deadline except if you register on the last day before the tournament starts I will have to seed anyone who waits that long at or near the bottom. The bookkeeping to get emails and phone numbers for everyone to distribute, keep track of the registrations, seed everyone and get the...
  7. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN is now the 2020 eASL OPEN!

    The pick scenario option is that you can play any scenario ever published (with 2 exceptions, it cannot be a scenario from a subsequent round and you can't have played it in the tournament already). Other than that, if two players agree to play a gigantic scenario all week, then go for it!
  8. David Goldman

    Missing Familiar Faces From FtF ASL?

    No FtF ASL! Plenty of time to clean up files on my computer. If you suffer from a tournament Jones, here is a reminder of days past: Enjoy 2014 at ASLOK David
  9. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN is now the 2020 eASL OPEN!

    I've taken the plunge and learned VASL so the ASL OPEN can go in 2020 but on VASL. First Round starts June 8. One round each week. See the website for the rules, scenarios and registration form.
  10. David Goldman

    The ULTIMATE Death Star Challenge

    Paul wrote: At 6 hexes range there are 36 possible firing hexes. So if only single locations per hex you are sadly limited to 3780 FP, -33 DRM. The down part is that you need 36 10-3 leaders, 1080 Heroes and 540 HMG. Almost sounds like the title of a Martial Arts film. So my question is...
  11. David Goldman

    Those dreaded two sided scenarios.

    A long time ago, I started scanning all scenarios. It is now 5.5 GB of documents. It is not the ideal way to search to pick a scenario but it sure saves space for storage. And I bring every scenario I own wherever I go to play ASL. Two sided scenario cards, no problem.
  12. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN Is Cancelled

    With great regret, I must cancel the 2020 ASL OPEN. Illinois restaurants are closed except for carryout and delivery. There have been several cancellations of pre-registrations and I expect more would come. There would probably be very few walk in registrations. Rather than have the...
  13. David Goldman

    Yes the ASL OPEN is Still Happening

    In order to reach the broadest audience of ASL readers on this forum, I posted here. Unless there is a widespread outbreak of the coronovirus in Chicago, the OPEN will go forward, 3/26/2020 - 3/28/2020. If the situation should radically change in the next two weeks, I will make a separate...
  14. David Goldman

    Precision Dice Required in Tournaments

    At the ASL OPEN as the TD, I provide (for a modest price) the World's Best Dice Cup that comes with a set of red, white and black dice. I have never had any complaints that they are not fair rollers. But they are not precision dice, I had to keep the cost down. Buy one, you'll like it! :)
  15. David Goldman

    How Have Tactics Have Changed In ASL

    I was reading ASL: difficult to learn to play, easy to learn how to play well, and dying out and reflected that having played ASL since 1991, there is a far more sophisticated set of tactics that experienced gamers employ now than in the early days of ASL. For instance, deploying has become...
  16. David Goldman

    2020 ASL OPEN

    Yes the rates are finalized, $99.00 per night.
  17. David Goldman

    Paul, I'd be happy to share my room. I'm arriving Thursday mid afternoon. If you have made a...

    Paul, I'd be happy to share my room. I'm arriving Thursday mid afternoon. If you have made a reservation, I can cancel mine. Private email me:
  18. David Goldman

    Need A Roomie For Winter Offensive

    Perry, Thank you, see you Thursday. David
  19. David Goldman

    Need A Roomie For Winter Offensive

    Mark, Thank you for the response. See you at ASLOK?
  20. David Goldman

    Need A Roomie For Winter Offensive

    Mark, I too reserved a room. I am looking to share. Private email me. So far no one has responded other than you. I can cancel at the last minute if you can make it.