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  1. Jeff Waldon

    ESG SSR Turn-based SAN?

    Playing ESG # 53. SSR 3. states “Japanese snipers became more and more active during the battle. To reflect this, Japanese SAN is equal to the player turn.” Question: What is the recommendation for Turn 8? SAN 7 or 8?
  2. Jeff Waldon

    OS-17 US starting OOB?

    Feeling clueless as to what the US Initial OOB is for OS-17? Is it the forces from OS-11 enter Turn 1 and OS-12 Turn 3? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Jeff Waldon

    VASL/Skype Weekly Game Sunday’s 0600-0800 EST

    Hello, I’m looking for a Sunday morning weekly game 0600-0800 EST. Moderately experienced. Alternating scenario/side selection Message if interested.
  4. Jeff Waldon

    RB7 The Red House Set-up

    I’m requesting assistance in finding a previous thread or past experience understanding how set up works in this Night scenario.Is cloaking used, do the Germans get HIP/additional concealment, etc? Thanks/Jeff
  5. Jeff Waldon

    Looking for an ASL game near Camp Lejeune, NC 13-16 August

    I will be working on Lejeune next week. Anyone local interested in an evening game at my hotel or elsewhere? R/Jeff
  6. Jeff Waldon

    Looking for CH Scotland the Brave I/II VASL Maps

    I would like to drag this out, similar to Scott's UV CG, and play on VASL. Any assistance is appreciated. R/Jeff
  7. Jeff Waldon

    KGP I/II Scenario Order

    Can any experienced KGP players recommend an order to play some or all of the scenarios in, similar to what is recommended in the BRT Gamer's Guide to best learn/experience the HASL? Thank you for any recommendations provided. Regards, Jeff