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  1. Fred Ingram

    Starter Kit Offboard Setup Restrictions

    -------------- Original message -------------- From: Fred Ingram <> There is nothing in the starter Kit rules about units entering the map having to commit to entry hexes prior to turn start Was this a conscious decision or something that was forgotten when...
  2. Fred Ingram

    J85 Pitchin 'In Victory Conditions

    Message from Boxcars copied here for completeness: I received these two emails in response from my email to Perry at MMP. Email 1: Response to my Question. My Question: I had a discussion on the 2nd part of the Victory Conditions for J85 Pitchin 'In. For this discussion assume...
  3. Fred Ingram

    MP04 BLeeding the First

    Last night I played “Bleeding the First” (MP04) from the Southern California ASL Club Melee Pack. My opponent Dave McLee and I had a couple of questions. Hopefully play-testers or others who have played this one can give their opinions. 1) The American player gets (2) 60mm mortars and can “buy”...
  4. Fred Ingram

    HOB Scenario ATF3 Bear Hunt

    I guess a query on the scenario card can be considered a "rules " question I notice the CVP level for the victory conditions were adjusted from 6 to 5 in the NQNG version BUT, the # of PZIIF for the germans seems to also have been reduced from 4 to 1 That last change seems drastic - so I want...