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    Scenarios with 155mm Long Tom's

    ASL Scenario Archive returned the following results: I searched by gun for the American M1A1 155mm Gun. Showing 1 to 5) ID Scenario Rating Attacker S/A/G Defender S/A/G Date Publication AD 5 Intimate War 8.50 American 16/0/3 Japanese 18/0/0 1945-02-12 AH:ASL Annual `90 O84.1 Leapfrog...
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    E3.72 Ground Snow and Tracked Vehicles MP.

    I was tending that way, I just needed to be sure. Thanks. Scott.
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    CC and Leader Creation.

    One more question for the Collective. Normal simultaneous CC (A11.11) is taking place, no ambush, no additional modifiers, etc. The Attacker succeeds in eliminating the defender, but only barely (Kill Number on CCT is a 7, Attacker rolls a 6). Now the Defender gets to attack since it is...
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    E3.72 Ground Snow and Tracked Vehicles MP.

    A question/clarification for the Collective again. E3.72 Ground Snow is in effect. Do half-tracked vehicles pay an additional 1 MP for each hexside crossed as per E3.724 or is that just for Motorcycles, Armored Cars & Trucks? Thank you for the replies. Scott.
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    Enemy Vehicle Movement Question

    I think your answer is in S9.4 & S9.41. Barring anything else from the RE, the AFV's should exit the FBE and count as Exit VP for the ENEMY. The RE appears to have generated a drive-by of AC's that, even though they did not engage, just made your mission that much more difficult as you have a...
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    Discount Code?

    Thank you so much!
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    Discount Code?

    Would someone please share the discount code for this weekend? Thank you in advance.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Thank you both. Al, I have the psd file and will work on it this week. I'll put another layer in there that is just the cliff and then a NoCliffs overlay that basically returns it to what it is now. Scott.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    All, I'm not sure if this has been logged yet but board 50 is missing the cliff artwork along the K2/L1 hexside. If someone can provide me with the GIMP file, I'll get it fixed. Thanks. Scott.
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    E3.6 MUD doesn't restrict SMOKE the same as E3.52 SMOKE (during RAIN). I believe you should still be able to place smoke in Mud, correct?
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    worst pilot ever?

    In defense of other pilots out there, the chances of malfunctioning a radio are nil. Wrong frequency or static maybe (rolling too high) which will affect battery access, but malfunction is NA. The last sentence of E7.61 Sighting: ... Otherwise, an Observation Plane is subject to the same OBA...
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    Solitaire Red Barricades - a stupid question please......

    Hi Joe, I believe the extra stuff that you received was a user-created way to play the Germans in CGI along with some rules modifications to SASL Ver. 1 (pages S26 - S28). SASL Ver. 2 has newer pages up to S34 and, as far as I know, the only MMP published SASL Red Barricades was in Journal #1...
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    When do Caves become visible?

    JR, Many thanks for the clarifications there. And, thank you for the article. Scott.
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    When do Caves become visible?

    Klas, Thank you for the clarification. The intent of the example is that V5 is Jungle terrain. Scott.
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    When do Caves become visible?

    This is my first foray into the arena of caves and I am having some difficulty understanding the interrelatedness of the following: G11.3 HIP: Cave counters, as well as their contents, are always considered to be in Concealment Terrain regardless of the other terrain in their hex and always set...
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    Board 72

    Alessandro, Good eye! I'll see what we can do about it. It may take a while but thank you for pointing it out. Scott.
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    Global ASL Ladder Challenges & Discussion

    I'm not sure what ever happened to the flow of emails but Scott Hasson's Germans concedes to Jason Wert's Russians in J54 Showtime.
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    Global ASL Ladder Challenges & Discussion

    I'm not sure what ever happened to the flow of emails but Scott Hasson's Germans concedes to Pierce Mason's Russians in AP93 Best Think Again.
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    I believe you hit the nail on the head with the reference. It does say 'always' so that seals it. E1.41 CONTENTS: The Scenario Attacker's Infantry (only) always starts the scenario in the form of Cloaking counters [EXC: Aerial landings]. Although, if you really needed them to not be...
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    Line In The Sand CG Question

    Sorry, cut & paste was incomplete. ASL J81 (Twisted Knickers): Replace the 3 on-board Stuart IIIs with 3 Stuart Is (5 DVP each). "A Line In The Sand" Mini-CG: first column, LitS SR 1, add at the end "The inherent HS of each SPW 250/sMG or SPW 251/sMG is a 2-4-8." "A Line In The Sand" Mini-CG...