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  1. Nineteen Kilo

    Special Ops Issue 1 - Issue 7 in PDF Format

    I've downloaded 5 of them and there is more going on (ASL wise) then just the scenarios. There are articles on rules (e.g. Tank Hunter Heroes & Halftracks) and on the game itself (e.g. Singling and Solitaire ASL campaign). Even though I've got some content about games I will never play (or...
  2. Nineteen Kilo

    Special Ops Issue 1 - Issue 7 in PDF Format

    Silly question. I see there are scenarios annotated as O1, O2, O3, etc. Is the "O" series of scenarios how Special Ops scenarios are labeled, or are the "O"'s for one of the historical modules, or something else entirely?
  3. Nineteen Kilo

    Menage a trois ASL, blind play, team play, etc.

    I was involved in a blind play game with a referee decades ago (it may have even been SL actually). It becomes a very slow game; only able to move at the speed of the ref. It also alters play. Due to not knowing where the enemy is, the Attacker is naturally much more cautious. Scenario...
  4. Nineteen Kilo

    Starter Kit Exp Pack #2 "unboxing" video

    Yeah, he talks about deliberately doing it.
  5. Nineteen Kilo

    Dice Color in Beyond Valor?

    1st Edition Purchased 1988: Red, Green, Blue, & Black.
  6. Nineteen Kilo

    Were there geomorphic boards in games before SL?

    It really was the ultimate tank v tank game back in the day wasn't it? I found the infantry element not only "wanting" but abstracted to the point that they just seemed to be an administrative function of the game..
  7. Nineteen Kilo

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    BTW I don't think the errata was included on the scenario In Romme's Wake. i.e the scenario wasn't updated.
  8. Nineteen Kilo

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    I finally purchased the Annual Bundle today and printed out the updated scenarios per Klasmalstrom's list (thank you K!) and now I have wonderful color updated scenarios (rather than B&W photocopies from my annuals). Some of those converted had small things done like "change dr to DR", but...
  9. Nineteen Kilo

    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    No, but there is some delicious irony there anyway.
  10. Nineteen Kilo

    Out of the Attic Issue 1 in PDF Format

    You guys are killing the Ebay After Market. :)
  11. Nineteen Kilo

    Missing Counter Series: The Catling Gun

    And triple the Night Vision Range.
  12. Nineteen Kilo

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    Thanks Klas! Going from the amount of "X's" I need to purchase.
  13. Nineteen Kilo

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    Is there a Master List somewhere of the scenarios that were not only re-released but also reworked/revised when they were re-released? I'm tempted to get the PDF of the Annuals and Journals, but as I have all the originals I would be buying them solely for the re-worked scenarios. So I'm...
  14. Nineteen Kilo

    Playing ASK starter kit scenario with Full ASL rules

    My small gaming circle uses SAN of Attacker 2 and Defender 3 when playing SK scenarios. Mostly because we want the SAN rules but don't want it to impact the scenario as designed very much. It's a House Rule that works for us, YMMV.
  15. Nineteen Kilo

    Rally Point RPT 169 The Big Bugout

    First off I must apologize if this is the wrong place to inquire about Sherry Enterprise scenarios; Mods if this is incorrect please delete. Background: The setup for The Big Bugout RPT169 has four boards, the two of which that are in the south are boards 10b &78. The victory conditions read...
  16. Nineteen Kilo

    IJN Carrier Kaga Found

    17,000 feet of water, that's more than 3 miles. I've always wondered how fast these huge steel ships are going when they finally hit bottom. Do they just sort of float down and settle on the bottom, or are they runaway freight trains slamming into the bottom at 100 mph?
  17. Nineteen Kilo

    Gents, it has been a privilege.

    Awesome I've always wanted to wear spats! Finally a decade I'll be able to embrace! I have a gentleman who lives on my court who was born in 1917 and will be 103 in 4 months. It's hard to believe he was around when your photo was taken. During the winter I occasionally wear a brown...
  18. Nineteen Kilo

    Minor Desperation Morale Update Progress Note

    Mark I just finished the entirety of your FW write up. I'm sure as more folks read it, it is going to spark heated discussion, pro and con. But I think you have broached many valid points/criticism of the new rule set. I particularly like the history of the module, and the fact that it...
  19. Nineteen Kilo

    Minor Desperation Morale Update Progress Note

    I bought FW at low tide of my ASL gaming, that and the fact that I was suffering from Rules Fatigue, means I have never played any of the scenarios, punched the counters, or even analyzed them. Upon reading your review I find it interesting that there was no "practical" purpose for the...
  20. Nineteen Kilo

    Rally Points 15 & 17

    It's odd, they seem to be going back and forth. I have RP 14 and it has the more traditional silhouettes; but per JRV RP 15 switched back to text only. Personally I find the text only scenario cards completely bland, and for some reason harder to "grok", so I avoid them. I know it's an...