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  1. Doctor Sinister

    I am finally Wii-ed up!

    OK, so I had to pay over the odds through eBay, but the lack of stock in the shops and other online facilities was doing my head in -and it finally arrived yesterday. All I can say arms ache from some overly enthusiastic boxing, but it's good for stress relief. :D Dr. S.
  2. Doctor Sinister

    Doctor Sinister vs. Berkut37, October 1944, CM:BO.

    We have just concluded our battle and I am pleased to report a total victory on my part. was a non-Ladder game!!! :o :OHNO: :cry: :surprise: Anyway, heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrre weeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooo........... Piccy 1 shows the map. It was raining, very miserable...
  3. Doctor Sinister

    Not many AARs in here are there?

    I mean to say, AARs don't seem to be posted very often - is that because of the W.A.R.S. thingy? Dr. S.
  4. Doctor Sinister

    Doctor Sinister vs. Yohajin - CM:BB, June 1941.

    I am ashamed to report another defeat for Sinister Incorporated. Picture 1 shows the parameters of the battle. This was only my second CM:BB battle against a human opponent. Picture 2 is the map. There were two flags, one large one small, indicated by the red circles. It was also pretty flat...
  5. Doctor Sinister

    Doctor Sinister vs. Mephisto - CM:BB, June 1941.

    We've spent a month playing this PBEM game, and I am ashamed to report that I was NOT victorious. I have brought dishonour upon myself and will naturally commit suicide immediately. ...well, once I've posted this AAR anyway. I have attached details of the battle parameters - picture 1...
  6. Doctor Sinister

    The first CM:AK battle is on! BigMik1 vs. Doctor Sinister.

    The location is Italy, October 1943, and the forces of BigMik1 rush to meet those of Doctor Sinister in a titanic (ish) battle that will enter the history books (probably). BigMik1 is playing as the friendly Allies - Doctor Sinister is playing as the nasty Germans. Who will win? Well...