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    More thoughts on the Scenario Designers Guide

    I doubt that I'll ever get around to designing scenarios, but thought I'd buy the ASL Scenario Designers Guide to help me understand a bit more about scenario development. Although a lot of this information is common sense, it's nice to see it presented in a single book. Furthermore, I would...
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    Questions about night rules and DRM's

    Sent to the ASLML sometime yesterday: Hello listers, I'm having some challenges with Night rules (er, I still haven't played 10 games yet) in ASLRBv2 Chapter E . E1.7 says that units have a +1 Low Visibiltiy Hindrance DRM (which does not nullify a FFMO DRM) . . Q. Does that mean that FFMO...
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    A10.41 Voluntary break - v1 rule question

    A10.41 sounds pretty straight forward. The reason I bring it up is I was told (as I recall) that I couldn't do this. I assume this rule means I can break & DM any unit(s) during my RtPh as long as it doesn't reduce or eliminate them.