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    The Tsar's Crown Jewels - Russian

    Looking great! I have the first version of RJW, but I am going to have to get ver. 1.5 that is for sure. This game RJW gave me more fun than I have had in Navel games in years, and I miss playing it. Looks like I am going to have to decide what to get and to save for. RJW 1.5 or the...
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    The Tsar's Crown Jewels - Russian

    This is awesome ! Keep up the good work.
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    My First big Victory

    Looks great. I like you like to put together a tight force of battle ships and BC's with very few DDs . I can move fast and hit hard. And to me the battle is easier to control. With the whole fleet you will lose control of the battle if you are not ready, and at night it is almost impossible...
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    What A Battle

    Great job Bill. Those night shots are awesome! I my self love to fight night battles, and the star shells really make the game come alive.
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    Wooden Ship and Iron Men

    I have had some good luck with the Clippers, And they can stand there own if they have a good gun crew. But if you tangle with a large CA or something. Well it is all over.
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    Fall of Port Arthur, breakout of Russian Squadron

    After reading the story here of the battle it make me start the game up again. And I just have been off for an hour. I have had to major battles with the japanese fleet in the last two days. I have lost one CA. But in return I have managed to sink 4 Jap CA,s and two BB,s . I cought them off...
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    Those stupid Japanese TB flotillas...

    After spending a day reading about the Japanese in this war I do not think it is to out of line. They used the TB to do just about what they did to you and a few of us. There was heavy losses to the TB,s and the DD,s when they engaged , and by there style of thinking it was a dishonor to not...