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    CC and Leader Creation.

    One more question for the Collective. Normal simultaneous CC (A11.11) is taking place, no ambush, no additional modifiers, etc. The Attacker succeeds in eliminating the defender, but only barely (Kill Number on CCT is a 7, Attacker rolls a 6). Now the Defender gets to attack since it is...
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    E3.72 Ground Snow and Tracked Vehicles MP.

    A question/clarification for the Collective again. E3.72 Ground Snow is in effect. Do half-tracked vehicles pay an additional 1 MP for each hexside crossed as per E3.724 or is that just for Motorcycles, Armored Cars & Trucks? Thank you for the replies. Scott.
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    Discount Code?

    Would someone please share the discount code for this weekend? Thank you in advance.
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    When do Caves become visible?

    This is my first foray into the arena of caves and I am having some difficulty understanding the interrelatedness of the following: G11.3 HIP: Cave counters, as well as their contents, are always considered to be in Concealment Terrain regardless of the other terrain in their hex and always set...