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    Sat Morning Quick TCP?

    Anyone interested in a quick TCPIP game or two this morning? I am waiting. I am logged into messenger as Norad or ( or you can email me to my earthlink account. Or respond to this thread.
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    Opponent Wanted.

    Small Scenario or QB for BO,BB, or AK. Any takers?
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    Any one seen Zak Winship?

    Looking for Zak. Anyone heard from him?
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    Check Out This Comic Book Style AAR

    This is great! It's kind of like Sgt Rock... :cheeky: An excellent effort! :thumup:
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    Encirclement of Smolensk....Brief Battle Report.

    Has anyone played this Smolensk 41 scenario. I am currently in the middle of it, about turn 12 of 25. So far it is a very good scenario. I would at this point highly recommend it, it really highlights the importance of bridges. I am currently playing as the German engaged in heavy street...
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    New AAR Posted!

    You can read the AAR here: Yelnya Desolate Dump on the Desna! A Smolensk '41 scenario! The screen shots are a bit heavy if you have dial up. I will attempt to optimize the further for quicker...
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    AAR Coming Soon!

    I am nearly done with a new aar. Be on the Look out! :surprise: I finished this last night. I hope to post this tonight 9/14/04. :bounce:
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    Check Out Another Awesome ATF AAR

    See my post in the milsim section! I've thrown down the gauntlet!:rifle:
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    As Promised Another Awesome AAR!!!

    That's right CPT Proctor has submitted another EXCELLENT AAR! This is the one we have all been waiting for, featuring our favorite nemisis Death Valley Attack! Saddle Up Men its time to earn your spurs! Can you do better then the master programmer himself? If so post your results, lets just...
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    Awesome ATF AAR Just Posted

    CPT. Proctor has submitted an EXCELLENT ATF AAR!! Check it out here! Be on the look out for another to be posted soon!:D Great Job Captain!
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    Awesome New AAR!!

    CPT. Proctor has submitted an EXCELLENT ATF AAR!! Check it out here! Be on the look out for another to be posted soon!:D Great Job Captain!
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    New AAR Posted!!!

    I have completed an AAR on Deltapooh's scenario TDMS Arch Angel! It is posted in the AAR section of Armored Task Force HQ! I am still learning HTML and unfortunately I don't know how to get the text/picture layout to resize with the browser...yet! (give me time) It is best viewed at a resolution...
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    CMAK Please?

    A quick CMAK match anyone? Pbem. Michael
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    AAR in the Works

    Just wanted give you all a heads up that an AAR is in the works. It will be complete with screenshots and will be posted in the AAR section of ATF HQ! I am still working on it but we should be seeing it shortly. I will post again with a link when it's complete! Michael :D
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    First ATF Article On Line!

    I am happy to announce the Armored Task Force Articles page has been reformatted and our first NEW ATF Article is posted! Deltapooh has been kind enough to format his awesome, "Scripting a Meeting Engagement" tutorial...
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    New Maps

    New Maps from CPT Proctor are Posted in the Map Archive!:D Thank you, SIR!:clap::coolban: Michael
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    Multiplay AAR

    Hey gang, check out my final post under "Does anyone want to arrange a game" I am interested in knowing if anyone had any better luck then I did? :mad: Thanks Michael
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    Thoughts on Commando Chateau.

    So has anyone played Commando Chateau v1? Does anyone have any thoughts about it? I am working on v1.2 which has a few aesthetic changes to the map, some corrections to the briefing and I am still evaluating victory points. I am playtesting a Pbem version now. Any response is appreciated TF-M