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    Afternoon .. should be a no-brainer but I can't find what to do in this situation. In my previous turns MPh, my Berserk Vanay squad charged towards a known Russian unit that was in the Berserk squads LOS. In my opponents MPh, he moved that squad out of the LOS of my Berserk squad. I am...
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    ASL 203 "Hard ROK" .. VASL + Skype

    Afternoon .. about time to crack open Korea: Forgotten War to play ASL 203 as the South Koreans. If interested, pm here or email GMT -5 for VASL play. Cheers! Pierce
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    Objective: Schmidt

    Afternoon Fellow Berserkers! Hope everyone is healthy and safe. Now that my better half is out of the hospital and back home, I would enjoy a playthrough of Objective: Schmidt now that the maps and extensions are available. PBeM for right now. If interested, PM here. Cheers ya'll! Pierce
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    unloading from an LC

    Good evening Playing ASL 73 "Hell Or High Water" and I may have pooched the unloading. As an example, my LC passed the beaching DR. In the LC, I have - from top to bottom - 668, 668, 9-1, 668. My question is do the units unload as a stack or does each unit unload individually? If each unit...
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    Bougainville Campaign

    Afternoon fellow Berserkers. After taking some considerable time away from ASL, I would like to ease back - ease back, seriously? - with a PBeM Bougainville Campaign as the US Marines. I have 12 scenarios in mind beginning with ASL 73 "Hell Or High Water." followed by these scenarios: SP...
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    J147: Into The Grinding Mill

    Good afternoon Question on Chinese setup. SSR#2 "The Chinese player sets up Wire, Trenches, and Pillboxes onboard. The Japanese player then records two Pre-registered hexes..." Question is are the Wire, Trenches and Pillboxes set up HIP
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    VASL + Skype only .. MMP Official Scenarios

    Good Morning fellow Berserkers!! Looking back through my ASL career (certainly not illustrious) I realized that overall, I have only scratched the surface of available MMP Official scenarios. I know, tar and feather me!! Two esteemed ASLer's are currently playing through all the official MMP...
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    PBeM MM44 "Cassel Defense"

    MM44 is from the latest March Madness pack. 27 May 1940. British and French holding the line to buy time for the evacuation of the BEF at Dunkirk. If interested, pm here or email Thanks and cheers ya'll! Pierce
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    Campaign Game .. VASL + Skype

    Good Morning:cool: Wanting a CG from one of the three listed::) Stl RAM CG:hellyes: Pegasus Bridge: II "Hold Until Relieved":highfive: Decision at La Gleize (KGP III) -US: 5 German: 8:clap: VASL + skype only. if interested, pm here or email @ Cheers ya'll! Pierceo_O
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    Schwerpunkt Campaign

    Good Morning .. Don Holland answered my call some time ago to play all the Schwerpunkt scenarios. No specific AARs yet but through the first ten scenarios: Pierce: 6 .. Don: 4. Each playing has been close One Highlight for me was our playing of SP8 "The Getaway." My initial German setup...
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    Leibstandarte Packs

    Afternoon fellow ASLer's Going through my scenario binders and found my Leibstandarte Packs that I have hardly touched upon. So, looking to play through all the Leibstandarte scenarios (40) as the German. Scenarios cover from 1939 through March 1944. Should be fun. VASL + Skype is preferred...
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    ASL 11 AAR

    I wanted to get back to playing more of the Core Modules so I put out a challenge to play all the scenarios from Yanks II, Hakaa Paalle and Rising Sun on VASL. Fellow berserker Chuck Tewksbury answered the call. First up, ASL 11 "Defiance On Hill 30." I had the US Para's for our first scenario...
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    PBeM "ITR-1 Debacle At Sung Kiang" (from Into The Rubble 2)

    Evening Title says it all .. pm here or email Cheers to all! Pierce
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    PBeM or Live VASL + Skype

    Good Morning Berserkers' Want to get back to playing scenarios in the core modules. Anyone interested in a marathon starting with Yanks II followed by Hakkaa Paalle and finish up with Rising Sun? Long time player but still stink at this game. pm here or email if...
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    D2.6 Enemy AFV

    Good Evening While recovering from my surgery, took the time to re-read Chapter D and I can't recall if the enemy AFV's AF is applicable to the TK or IFT DR of 5. In the file, is the Pz IIA (20L TK# 6) able to enter the Polish Vickers hex (providing of course the Pz IIA survives DF.)? Thank...
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    PBeM/VASL + Skype Blood & Jungle/Leibstandarte (Lone Canuck)

    Good Afternoon Two ASL packs that I have not played a lot of and want to play all scenarios from Bounding Fires Blood & Jungle and Lone Canuck's Leibstandarte (packs 1-5) The Leibstandarte packs cover actions of the 1st SS Panzer Division. Play PBeM and VASL + Skype. TZ differences can be...
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    Schwerpunkt & Rally Point

    Good Morning Currently playing all the Journal (vs Hank Burkhalter: my record 2 wins/ 3 loses) and all the Action Packs (vs Jeff Buser: my record 0 wins / 5 loses) and we are having a blast doing this (on VASL + Skype). Have finished several games, work load is back to normal level and now...
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    DftB Playtest

    Good Morning, Anyone interested in helping to play test two scenarios from Dispatches from the Bunker? My usual play test partner in crime is not available. One scenario is set in the PTO (Bougainville - 1943) and the second scenario is set in December 1944 at the start of the Wacht am Rhein...
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    Operation Watchtower CG

    Evening Finished reading "Edson's Raiders and the 1st Raider Battalion in World War II. Great Chapter on the battle of Edson's Ridge. Looking for another hearty soul to engage in a Operation Watchtower CG .. Like to take the side of the Americans. ROAR has Japanese 19 and Americans 16 ...
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    Wounded Leader placing a DC

    Evening, Can't put my finger on the rule for this .. an 8-0 leader with a DC bypasses a wooden building for 1MF then into an OG hex ADJACENT to a wooden building for 2MF. German 468 fires resulting in a K/2. Leader wounds and then passes the wound severity dr. Can the now wounded leader...