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  1. trevpr1

    Tiger Day 2016 at Bovington

    Hi folks. As part of my online gaming life (World of Tanks & World of Warships) I take time to watch a couple of "Community Contributors" who make videos reviewing games, game components and posting other content. "Jingles" is an ex Royal Navy seaman who makes his money making such videos...
  2. trevpr1

    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    OK right. Commercial only TV. I understand.
  3. trevpr1

    Lou Reed Dead at 71

    RIP. Never a fan of all of his stuff, but some of it is gold.
  4. trevpr1

    Band of Brothers. What the actors did next...

    I saw this on reddit (the front page of the internet) and thought you'd appreciate my sharing.... 'Twas great TV.
  5. trevpr1

    ASL Monopoly

    You can now get Hasbro to build you a completely customised Monopoly board. What would an ASL board look like? SPACE TYPE CUSTOM NAME 1 Go - 2 Property Group 1 The Guards Counterattack 3 Community Chest - 4 Property Group 2 Fighting Withdrawal 5 Tax...
  6. trevpr1


    Light Spoiler Alert. So I saw Skyfall. Liked it. Not Casino Royale but a step in the right direction after Quantum of Solace in that the plot seemed to go somewhere. Benefited a little over previous Bonds from more detail of his relationship with M. Dench is superb in this. Craig certainly...
  7. trevpr1

    Touching Story: The home fans for the visiting team A lot to learn here.
  8. trevpr1

    THe Olympics

    So, it's late on a Saturday. I've a few drinks in me and... The South Sydney Rabittohs are masquerading as the Australian women's basketball team.
  9. trevpr1

    R.I.P. Ian Daglish

    I am sorry to announce that my friend, Ian Daglish, ASL player, scenario designer and author has died from injuries he suffered when his light plane crashed on Salford, near Manchester on Friday. Ian was a qualified pilot. My last...
  10. trevpr1

    I don't like cricket...

    ... I love it! First day first test at the Gabba. Australia have had a rough year and England a tremendous one. I don't recall...
  11. trevpr1

    If your favourite TTP were an animal... what type of animal would it be?

    Schwerpunkt would be a Dolphin. Quick and clever. How about yours?