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  1. dlazov

    [No BUG] VASL unit reporting issues Error [Nothing to see here...]except Shame...

    I know for certain in the past that when you move a MMC or AFV that VASL in the output window would report things like: 15C7 4-6-7 moves to 15C8 15C8 4-6-7 moves to 15C9 15C9 4-6-7 moves to 15C10 etc... This was great and needed for PBEM without using voice. But now it seems this process and...
  2. dlazov

    AAR 194 Infanterie-Regiment, 71st Infantrie-Division SASL CG [May 1040 - May 1945]

    Introduction I am going to attempt to do an AAR for the excellent 194 Infanterie-Regiment, 71st Infantrie-Division SASL CG [May 1040 - May 1945] created by Ahriman667. I make no guarantees and it may take 'years' for me to complete this thing. But I was so impressed by ChappyNS Canadian AAR...
  3. dlazov

    Shrapnel's 2020 updates!

    Some new features and such coming soon...
  4. dlazov

    Moderation Thread

    You guys are going to get your posts changed, deleted or this thread closed due to profanity, politics or off topic posts. meet the new game squad let’s make game squad great again! No need for censorship here lol
  5. dlazov

    CH Jerusalem map

    Has this ever been created? If so where could I find it? First or second edition would be great.
  6. dlazov

    Overlays (from the Overlay button) do not respect Terrain Weather

    To recreate: Start new scenario Select a standard board (19 for example) Drag an Overlay on to the map (used B1 for example) Select Terrain SSR and set Month to December and Weather to Ground Snow and click Apply Brush does not turn to ground snow. Here is what it looks like:
  7. dlazov

    Nocking Off Rust

    Its been a long while, and just goofing off, but did the first turn of this imaginary scenario all off my head (for some reason I could remember the 4, 6, and 8 IFT columns for my simple rolls). Need to find that IFT/to hit extension thing and plug it in to VASL. Just having some mental fun here...
  8. dlazov

    VASSAL engine wont start on iMac Catalina

    Okay so I am a very experienced Windows and Linux user, but I just got an iMac 27 last Friday and upgraded it to Catalina on Monday. However I am still new to macOS. I have installed a bunch of programs so far and all my 'developer tools' I am running java 13 and when I try to launch the...
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    Well its been out a while, but TOAW IV is pretty awesome in its own right. For me personally, I started with the original TOAW by Norm Kroger back in the late nineties. I, over time upgraded to Century of Warfare (COW) and then also got into Matrix Games TOAW III. Well I just found out two...
  10. dlazov

    Steel Panthers World War Two (SPWW2) and Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT) both updated 2019!

    As the title of the subject says... 2019 SPMBT Upgrade Patch: 2019 SPWW2 Upgrade Patch: But, think about it. Don't read, just go...
  11. dlazov

    Shrapnel's Steel Panthers World War 2 and Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank Updates for 2019 end of month!

    For those that enjoy playing Steel Panthers WW2 or MBT As the title says: SP MBT: SP WW2: I have been playing the steel panthers series since SP1. And I have been playing...
  12. dlazov

    German wording help needed

    So I am trying to figure out how in the German langue you would write the following: 1st Company, 1st Battalion, SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 21, 10th SS Panzer Division 'Frundsberg' Would it be: 1.Kompanie/1.Battalion/SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 21/10th SS Panzer Division 'Frundsberg' Did...
  13. dlazov

    Where to find...

    Where might one find: Klementi Voroshilov Scenario Contest
  14. dlazov

    Platoon Leader CG F

    Does anyone have in digital Platoon Leader F CG Arakain Rose the second sheet? I can only find a scan of the first sheet but not the second.
  15. dlazov

    VASL Maps in one download
  16. dlazov

    Online Historical Items

    So it would be nice if there was one thread that contained all online official historical documents, as much as possible, in one place. US Army CMH: U.S.M.C. Archive Branch...
  17. dlazov

    Dispatches from the Bunker Series Questions

    So I am going through all my DftB Series and trying to figure out things and this is the listing I have with questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sargent Rudolf Brasche Series...
  18. dlazov

    Lords of the Steppes

    I was looking at this 2017 release and was reading the write up review on Desperataion Morale and was not surprised to find more of the same...Quite disappointing but should be expected...
  19. dlazov

    ASL Chronology of War

    Is there an updated version somewhere? 2018? Some of the spreadsheets I have seen are five or more years old. Thanks
  20. dlazov

    Seems like Deja Vue...

    Doesn’t it? Rereading old posts and missing lost ones, outages zaps the threads and empty threads to return to and do it again... Free-for-all or chaos, just watch out for Uncle Bill and gang, smells like they are back with out Nicki and her sisters!