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    Out of practice player

    I haven’t played in a long time and might need some help with the mechanics of sending a game back and forth. I have Antietam and Peninsular and have not preferences on what or who I play. I do promise a quick turnaround time for turns. I’m very free with my time and terribly bored.
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    Antietam just came in the mail.

    To heck with the peninsular game! Now I’m looking for a Sharpsburg shoot out. Any rules any parameters that interest you. As long as you don’t act like the AI you’ll surprise the heck out of me.
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    beginner peninsula game

    I haven’t played by mail in three years would appreciate some help to get restarted. I should be an easy opponent due to “ring rust.” I’ve been playing the AI all this time and am sure I have picked up all kinds of stupid tactical habits. I’m planning on purchasing some new games so I’d...
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    I need practice.

    I just finished the first round of Hard Road to Travel and don't have a game running right now. All I have is Campaign Peninsula and really need the practice. I don't want to mess up the tourney so I could use some guidance on what is typical. Is there anything that would not be kosher? Ruin...
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    First Bull Run Alex vs Mason Jar

    This is really my first full battle. I’ve struggled with the patches and PBEM problems but I finished a tiny 7 turn game and want to jump in the deep end. And you don't get much deeper than Alex from what I have seen and read. This is a "what if" scenario Look to Your Left where each side...