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    Game Wanted Campaign Gettysburg

    Looking for a Rebel opponent for Campaign Gettysburg. Start with Brandy Station or skip your choice!
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    Looking for a fight.

    Looking for an opponent for HPS Gettysburg. Three day historical battle or campaign. Prefer to play Reb, but hey I ain't that picky:) OH have already upgraded to 1.01 patch.
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    Looking for Campaign Opponent

    Need an opponent for a CAMPAIGN, Gettysburg or Peninsula. If Gettysburg prefer to start after Brandy Station. All rules except MDF. Prefer Rebs, but will play either side.
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    Campaign Gettysburg

    Gentlmen, I just recieved and tried out CG. This is a wonderful game, but alas the AI is absolutley no challenge for a player of my calibre. I am looking for opponents and I would prefer to shoot at yankees. I have never played PBEM, but I have two comps and I believe I have mastered the...