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  1. Jude

    Strong Memories or Reaction to a Certain Board?

    Having played a few scenarios lately using some early boards, it made me curious if any boards out there invoke a strong memory for any of you as soon as you see it. This could be anything from a scenario that instantly comes into mind when you see it, a love or loathing of a particular board...
  2. Jude

    OA3 Waiting for Frendenall

    Pretty sure SSR 1's reference to hex S3 as Level 0 should say S5. That would eliminate the entire hill mass on the north.
  3. Jude

    12.2 Concealed Counters

    If using 1/2" counters to simulate a concealed gun in non concealment terrain, is the "gun" considered emplaced or non emplaced for concealment loss purposes?
  4. Jude

    ITR-2 Factory in Flix v.2

    Having never played the original version, which I heard was pretty unbalanced, I figured I'd discuss what impact adding the two HMGs for the Republicans had on my game. I played as the Nationalists and the HMGs served to keep me honest. I figured the old strategy for the Nationalists would be to...
  5. Jude

    J186 Castles on the Horizon

    SSR3 says that a crew that fails it TC is eliminated. If this happens, is the tank considered eliminated as well? The VC specifies British AFV eliminated/Immobilized is worth one VP but a German AFV eliminated is worth one VP. It doesn't state immobilized for the Germans. Thanks!
  6. Jude

    WO21 Bolder Than Before

    I played this with my long time opponent and just managed to eke out a win. This scenario is interesting because there are three possible victory conditions with a variable turn limit based on the VC chosen. Plus, the Ukrainian (OUN) player gets to choose it. Here they are: The Russians win: 1)...
  7. Jude

    CC vs Motorcycle

    Here's the situation: a 3-3-6 partisan squad is ADJACENT to a non motion motorcycle with sidecar on the road. The sidecar has a 4-2-6 conscript and a 8-0 leader on it. In the hex is another 7-0 leader not riding anything. I'm not really worried about the partisan vs conscript part, but I...
  8. Jude

    A25.23 Human Wave

    I'm sure this has been asked (multiple times) before, but I had no luck when I sifted through the threads containing the above keywords. Here's the question: A Russian player successfully conducts a Human Wave attack and eliminates his target. Assuming he can meet the Human Wave requirements...
  9. Jude

    Hollow Legions Reprint - Board 25/Overlay E1 Combo

    I just set up TAC 67 - Dig Them Out! and it uses Board 25 with overlay E1. I've never cared for this overlay since it is huge and doesn't line up well. However, the worst flaw is the hill coloration. They are totally off. I bought it when it first came out so maybe this was fixed in later...