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  1. Commissar Piotr

    BFP extension

    When 8-0 Leaders is ELRed in VASL they retain a broken Morale of 8 even though they should have a broken ML of 7.
  2. Commissar Piotr

    Specific collateral attack

    Indirect fire vs a vehicle and the vehicle is immobilised. Do the specific collateral attack happen before or after the Immobilisation TC?
  3. Commissar Piotr

    Pontoon bridges

    Pontoon bridges automatically connect to any adjacent road so that Road rate for vehicles can be used?
  4. Commissar Piotr

    Changing CA when recovering a Gun?

    Hello Guys! Is it possible to change CA when recovering a unpossessed Gun? My guess is that it is not possible but find nothing about it.
  5. Commissar Piotr

    A4.14 Entrance of enemy occupied hexes.

    Hi Guys > Can a Good Order unit enter a location containing a enemy unarmed truck If that is all that is there, yes. ....Perry MMP
  6. Commissar Piotr

    Multi-unit FGs and IFE

    Hi Gang Think I found something contradicting in the rulebook that I would like to get straightened out. C2.29 states about IFE: "...may not form/participate-in a multi-unit FG [EXC: as per D6.64],..." D6.64 states: "The only vehicles (as opposed to Passengers/Riders) that may be part of...