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  1. Commissar Piotr

    BFP extension

    When 8-0 Leaders is ELRed in VASL they retain a broken Morale of 8 even though they should have a broken ML of 7.
  2. Commissar Piotr

    Specific collateral attack

    Indirect fire vs a vehicle and the vehicle is immobilised. Do the specific collateral attack happen before or after the Immobilisation TC?
  3. Commissar Piotr

    Pillbox stacking A5.5 and actions to make space

    Klas, with your answer on the second point it is not clear what question you answer. Is it: Can a malfunctioned gun be destroyed as per A9.73 (?) [No question mark in initial post.] or As a malfunctioning gun can´t be fired does that mean that it can´t be destroyed in this manner to make...
  4. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Any chance to get an update on board 36 to make it conform to the specifications of scenario OB 2 Point 247. That is to get rid of all hills except Hill 502 and to make the woods on that hill to become brush?
  5. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    What is wrong with "Let opponent unconceal your units"-option in VASL. I usually only use the HIP counter under top counter during setup, not during the game.
  6. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    You do not like to follow the rules of the game?
  7. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    I almost only do PBeM. 🆒
  8. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Three requests from me: Make the CTRL+Click marker adjustable so that I can turn off the jumping of the map to the pointed location in preferences. Remove the labels on the Counters in 6.5.0 (That a north arrow is a compass I am able to figure out myself). Get rid of the stack display while...
  9. Commissar Piotr

    BFP mdx v4.31

    While you are at it you can also fix the 548 counters for Crucible of Steel that should NOT have assault fire capability. As of now they do have assault fire capability in the extension so we actually get multiple counters of the standard 548 counter.
  10. Commissar Piotr

    Automatic Stack Display .. key combo

    Why do this function exist in VASL as a enemy stack may only be inspected if there is a unbroken unit in LOS of the stack and then if concealed must be temporarily revealed to actually grant the stack inspection?
  11. Commissar Piotr

    Pontoon bridges

    Pontoon bridges automatically connect to any adjacent road so that Road rate for vehicles can be used?
  12. Commissar Piotr

    Wreck hindrance and Grain

    Can you get me a link to that errata cause I cannot find it in Scott Romanowskis compilation, neither in Klas Malmstroms Q&A files or on MMP website.
  13. Commissar Piotr

    Changing CA when recovering a Gun?

    Hello Guys! Is it possible to change CA when recovering a unpossessed Gun? My guess is that it is not possible but find nothing about it.
  14. Commissar Piotr

    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Me and Steve will play AP 029 Raff's Dilemma in our next game, American balance in effect. I will have the germans and Steve have the americans.
  15. Commissar Piotr

    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Stephen and I played ASL 163 Stopped Cold with me as the Finns and Stephen as the Russians. In the first round it ended with a draw between Piotr and Stephen. We almost finished the game this weekend and decided to call it a draw. Stephen managed to get some troops off the board but my finns was...
  16. Commissar Piotr

    Gentle Game

    I can both do PBEM as well as some VASL live with Skype at 8pm GMT.
  17. Commissar Piotr

    Gentle Game

    I happily play with you.
  18. Commissar Piotr

    VASL Deluxe League 2017-2018 Now Starting

    What was the scenario list for this year? Might get some ideas on what to play?
  19. Commissar Piotr

    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Hello! I sent him my setup on the 11/1 and then nothing have happened on my opponents part other than saying he is busy. Peter
  20. Commissar Piotr

    CyberVASL VII

    Hello guys! Wonderful to be back.