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    socom and call of duty

    Yes, yes, I was in JROTC, I know what it stands for... :rolleyes:
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    socom and call of duty

    Well if he's really in JROTC, he'd probably be between 13 and 18.
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    COD 3 leak

    But you have to think: MacDonalds' food is a bad thing...Call of Duty is a goooood thing. :D
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    socom and call of duty

    UO - Call of Duty: United Offensive. Expansion pack for Call of Duty for the PC.
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    socom and call of duty

    :laugh: I'm just messin with you, thought you would catch it! Sorry if I confused you... :laugh:
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    socom and call of duty

    That lab is underneath the third tree.
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    CoD2 Preview

    Well it worked for Jon. They must've taken it down, I swear it was there! Sorry if you didn't get to see it... :nervous:
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    CoD2 Preview

    Good one.
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    CoD2 Preview

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    CoD2 Preview

    Here you go guys:
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    PS2 or XBOX

    I was checkin out the new ps2, too, it looks so cool. can i play online without paying Sony for a subscription or something? can i just plug in an ethernet service and play online?
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    PS2 or XBOX

    hey! this is my first post since i moved back to the US, and im glad to see that both of these consoles are cheaper than ever. now, i already have a GameCube, which i love, but I want a game that plays Mario-less games. please help me, what do you own, what do you suggest and why? thx
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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

    this games about to kick some @$$ ! ! !
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    Desert Combat(BF1942 Mod)

    Download DC. Great mod: great gameplay, great graphics. Highly Recommend it.
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    Men of Valor Character Renders

    hope it comes out on GameCube
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    Yay! just have to wait for my computer to get here...... :mad:
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    Call of Duty: United Offensive

    did any of you guys read that it was being devoloped (or produced) by a different company? hopefully it won't dissapoint diehard CoD fans.
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    Call of Duty 2

    a Call of Duty 'expansion' is coming to GameCube (didn't read about any other consoles) under a different name "Finest Hour". dont know if it'll be anygood but i despise console shooters anyway. :mad: :mad:
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    PC Gamer General

    after reading Trotter's 'review' of the mag, i went out and bought the 2nd issue. over here, the 1st copy never hit the PX stands, maybe wasn't popular by then, so instead i got the 2nd issue and loved it to death.
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    Video Game Review: Rainbow Six 3

    PS2 only?!?!?!?! hell, i think it even came out for the PC first! this game is even on GameCube, making the list 4. ( PC, XBOX, PS2, GameCube) anyways, this is a truly magnificent game, with loads of highly-detailed weapons and realistic physics. multiplayer is a blast and the strategic planning...